Project LBZ - Complete!

At Diesel Tech we’ve been on the prowl for an LBZ for a while, looking to build what would be remembered as a great LBZ project truck. Finally after months of searching, an ’07 LBZ was posted on craigslist that sounded too perfect: owned by an older gentleman and his truck had only been primarily used to tow a small aluminum fishing boat. Otherwise, the truck was in immaculate, albeit stock, condition. 

Part 1 - Engine rebuild, oil filters, and water pump
Part 2 - Injectors, turbo, transmission rebuild, tranny and diff covers
Part 3 - Light bars, lifts, and a new grille
Part 4 - Suspension, lift, shocks, wheels and tires, bed cover
Part 5 - Traction bars, LED kit, fender flares
Part 6 - Wrapping Up Project LBZ 

Editor's Pick - Complete!

After years of covering builds, we decided it was time to create a truck that is truly comprised of aftermarket products and upgrades that represent us as a daily driver pickup truck magazine. We picked a bone stock 6.4L 2010 Ford F350 Power Stroke that we're calling "Editor's Pick."

Part 1 - Coolers, oil filtration, and front and rear diff covers
Part 2 Intake, tuner, exhaust, battery, and TRAIN HORNS
Part 3 - Wheels, tires, lift, lights, and more!
Part 4 - Injectors, glow plugs, performance, intercooler, lift, and more!
Part 5 - Stereo, upholstery, hitch upgrade 
Part 6 - Wrapping up Editor's Pick




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