Project LBZ Part 1

Duramax build is underway

July 2015 Build, Duramax Jeffrey V. Shirts

Every make and model of every vehicle manufactured has one year that stands above the others, identified as being the “best” version. Typically, problems were worked through, and new regulations hadn’t affected the design or performance of the vehicle. When designing the ’07 LBZ, Duramax resolved the fuel injector issues of the ’01 to ’04 LB7 models and the towing and cooling issues of the ’04.5 and ’05 LLY models. These improvement alone identifies the 2007 6.6L Silverado LBZ as an ideal older truck; however and most importantly, the ’07 LBZ lacks the emission controls that were regulated for all ’07.5+ diesel engines. In other words, it is the best model of early millennial trucks.

At Diesel Tech we’ve been on the prowl for an LBZ for a while, looking to build what would be remembered as a great LBZ project truck. Finally after months of searching, an ’07 LBZ was posted on craigslist that sounded too perfect: owned by an older gentleman and his truck had only been primarily used to tow a small aluminum fishing boat. Otherwise, the truck was in immaculate, albeit stock, condition.

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