Project LBZ Part 1

Duramax build is underway

July 2015 Build, Duramax Jeffrey V. Shirts

The One

Owing to the popularity of the ’07 LBZ engine, finding one in like-new condition is nearly impossible. When this red Silverado was first posted we were immediately interested. After meeting the 84-year owner, affectionately referred to “Grandpa” in the office, we were even more excited. There is no shortage of ’07 Silverados on the market, but to find one that was as well maintained and still stock was simply unbelievable.

“Most of the ’07 LBZ trucks you find have been modified with aftermarket parts and performance upgrades or have had a fifth wheel installed,” says Greg Larsen, the publisher of Diesel Tech magazine and the owner of the LBZ project truck. “Typically these trucks have been under stress. They have been used. But not this one, this truck was babied.”

“I once drove the truck about 75 mph; it was too fast,” Grandpa told Greg on the day he sold it.

Grandpa cared for the truck like a little child; when Greg asked if the truck had been used for towing, Grandpa replied that of course it had! He bought the diesel truck for his need to properly trailer his 17-foot aluminum fishing boat.

Grandpa used the same oil brand for every change. He didn’t want us driving a “dirty” truck, which appeared clean to our standards, and gave us carwash tokens for the test drive so we could drive the truck in style.

We felt a little guilty buying the ‘07 from Grandpa as he clearly cared and maintained the truck in precise and pristine detail. We didn’t have the heart to tell him what our plans were. We paid for the truck that day and immediately began planning our build. And, of course, Grandpa threw in his extra car wash tokens so that we could keep the truck clean.

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