• Product Install—Bed Mat

    Black Armour makes a bed mat that not only provides a cushion for items you throw in the back of your truck, but also reduces their ability to shift. They stay where you put them so they are just as easy to reach as they were to load.

  • Emily’s Big Truck Passion

    Growing up, Emily Eckert always wanted a big truck. That passion grew from not only wanting a “truck life” but wanting to know everything about them. And anything diesel peeked her interest.

  • Trucks Next Door--Scott Fanello

    Scott Fanello Madison, WI 2011 Chevy 2500HD

  • Trucks Next Door

    Justin Kelly Scarborough, Ontario Ford Mustang GT w/LB7 Duramax

  • Transfer Flow Transforms 2018 Ford F-150 Power Stroke into the Ultimate Family Adventure Vehicle

    Transfer Flow’s first project vehicle, “The Compass,” is a 2018 Ford F-150 Power Stroke diesel designed to be the ultimate family adventure vehicle. The Compass features Transfer Flow’s newly designed 50-gallon replacement tank, a custom 40-gallon fuel ta

  • Air Lift Kits For Ram 1500

    Air Lift Company has redesigned load support products for the 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500. The LoadLifter 5000 series kits for the RAM 1500 have been redesigned to allow for faster installation time with no modifications to the vehicle required.

  • Master Inline Flaring Set

    This line flaring set will save you time and effort in three ways. The tool’s slim, low-profile design allows you to make single, double, and bubble flares on lines located under the vehicle or in the engine compartment.

  • News

    New Product: Amsoil Severe Gear

    Amsoil has unveiled a revolutionary new packaging system for hard-to-reach gear lube installations. The new Severe Gear Easy-Pack eliminates the challenges presented when changing gear lube by providing less mess, reduced waste and easier access. The Easy

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    New Product: Air Lift LoadLifter 5000

    Air Lift Company has launched new LoadLifter 5000 series kits for 2019 RAM 1500 4WD pickups that feature three of Air Lift’s best-selling load support products–the LoadLifter 5000, LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate, and the LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate PLUS.

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    RBP Stealth Running Boards

    Rolling Big Power has announced the release of its Stealth Power Running Boards for stock and lifted trucks, Jeeps and SUVs. These dual motor, power-assisted running boards deploy and help the driver and passengers get in and out of the vehicle, especiall

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    BDS Ford Ranger 2-Inch Leveling Kit

    BDS Suspension is now shipping out the first of several new lift kits and accessories coming available for the all new 2019 Ford Ranger.

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    Premier Performance Celebrates 20 Years of Business with “Platinum” Rewards Programs

    Premier Performance Products Distribution, a wholesale distributor of aftermarket automotive parts primarily serving the light truck and off-road segments, celebrates 20 years of business in 2019 with a series of “Platinum” Rewards Programs.

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    Transfer Flow 50-Gallon Replacement Fuel Tank System

    The 50-gallon replacement tank is perfect for F-150 Power Stroke owners who want to maximize their fuel capacity and driving range without sacrificing truck bed space. Crafted from ReliaSteel, 12-gauge U.S. high-yield aluminized steel, and includes intern

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    Stop & Go Tire Plugger

    Ideally all tubeless tires should be repaired from the inside/out. But in an emergency situation that's not always possible. That's when the Stop & Go Tire Plugger can do what no other tire repair kit can.

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    All New T-REX Grilles For 2019 Ram Trucks

    T-REX Truck Products has pushed open the doors to deck out the new truck with eleven different grille options. The new release includes: UPPER CLASS SERIES TORCH & STEALTH TORCH SERIES LASER TORCH & STEALTH LASER TORCH SERIES LASER TORCH w/ TRIM GR

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    BD Diesel Rebuildable Converters

    With five clutch surfaces, the Hi5 increases your torque holding capacity by five times and has been tested to handle up to 3480lb-ft of torque. With a complete bolted together assembly, you can unbolt, rebuild and replace your Dodge 1994-2007 47RH-RE/48R

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    Mishimoto Duramax Transmission Cooler

    Keeping your cool during the hottest of situations is critical for your truck’s transmission. Mishimoto has designed a transmission cooler for the Duramax 6.6L to help your truck keep its cool.

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    BG Products Adds To Distribution

    BG Products broke ground for what will be a 145,000-square-foot facility near its existing distribution center. The massive structure will house its warehousing and distribution operations while a portion of production operations transition to the existin

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    2018 Vendor Awards Given

    Premier Performance Products Distribution, a wholesale distributor of aftermarket automotive parts primarily serving the light truck and off-road segments, named its 2018 Vendors of the Year this week at their 11th Annual Dealer Cruises. 2018 Vendor of th

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    Trigger Wireless Accessory Control Systems

    Wiring and controlling all of the 12-volt powered accessories on your off-road rig—lights, onboard air compressors, E-lockers, lights, and so forth—just got a lot easier thanks to Trigger. The company’s Wireless Accessory Control Systems not only cut wiri

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    Bullet Proof Diesel’s LBZ EGR Coolers for Duramax

    Bullet Proof Diesel has released a new line of EGR coolers featuring the patented H-Core technology, which was developed to resist the common causes of EGR cooler failure. Immediately available, the EGR coolers have been engineered for 6.6L Duramax LBZ a

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    Two Yokohama Tires Win Awards

    Yokohama Tire earned two impressive 2018 Good Design awards from The Chicago Athenaeum. Yokohama was honored in the transportation category for two tires: the Geolandar X-MT and Avid Ascend GT.

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    Specialty Diesel Brushes

    Brush Research Manufacturing offers one of the most complete lines of Specialty Automotive Brushes on the market today. This unique collection includes brushes for Cummins Group, Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar and International Harvester.