• Trucks Next Door--Matt Holstein

    Matt Holstein Athens, TX 2006 Dodge Ram 2500

  • Trucks Next Door--John Trowbridge

    John Trowbridge North Vernon, IN 2003 Dodge Ram 3500

  • Trucks Next Door--Bob Ward

    Bob Ward Kitchener, Ontario 1952 GMC 9700

  • DT Roundup--Boxes & Racks

    This issue of Diesel Tech focuses on the products that allow our things to remain safe and in place. From under-the-seat containers to pivoting tool boxes, there are plenty of ways we can increase our storage and protect our cargo. Here are just a few of

  • Have It Your Way

    After driving UPS trucks all day, you would think the last thing Timothy Velasco of Fort Meyers, FL, wants to do is to spend his off time in a truck. Wrong. Ever since 2002, Velasco has been hooked on diesel trucks. For the past year he’s been driving a 2

  • Passion For Power

    Janette Wike has always been interested in hot rods and fast things. And she’s always up for a good race. So when she bought her GMC Duramax in 2006, it was a natural progression to figure out how to make it go faster and look cooler.

  • Clean Up The Myths

    Most diesel truck owners take pride in their vehicle and try to make certain that the products they use for the maintenance of the vehicle offers the best performance and protection available.

  • News

    RBP Stealth Running Boards

    Rolling Big Power has announced the release of its Stealth Power Running Boards for stock and lifted trucks, Jeeps and SUVs. These dual motor, power-assisted running boards deploy and help the driver and passengers get in and out of the vehicle, especiall

  • News

    Pro Comp’s 4-Link Suspension Kits

    Pro Comp’s new 4-link suspension kits provide up to 8 inches of lift while providing optimum off-road performance for the 2017-2019 Ford Super Duty.

  • News

    Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

    Napier Outdoors has introduced a new look to the Backroadz Truck Tent which features earth tones of green and grey and storm flaps built into the windows for privacy and additional weather protection.

  • News

    LoadLifter 5000 Series Kits

    Air Lift Company has newly designed its LoadLifter 5000 Series Kits for the 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500. The LoadLifter 5000 series features three of Air Lift’s best-selling load support products: the LoadLifter 5000, LoadLifter 5000 Ult

  • News

    Two-Step Oil System Treatment

    Hot Shot’s Secret introduces a powerful Two-Step Oil System Treatment safe for gas and diesel-powered vehicles. When used as directed, the two-step oil system treatment provides four major benefits: improved power and compression, reduced lifter and valve

  • News

    Hellwig Sway Bar

    Hellwig Products has released its new upgraded rear sway bar for the 2014-2018 Ram 3500 pickup with factory air suspension, improving the handling dynamics and driver control for everything from daily commutes to towing and hauling.

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    The Splash Wham-o tailgate protector made by Geno’s Garage is designed to wrap over the edge of the tailgate to protect it from hitting the trailer jack, as well as to eliminate water buildup in the truck that splashes on you feet when you open the tailga

  • News

    Fuelab Brushless Twin Screw Pump

    With over 10 years of brushless fuel pump innovation, Fuelab offers a 484 Series in-tank brushless twin screw pump for the most demanding applications. This new in-tank version has all the great features of our brushless twin screw design–extremely low cu

  • News

    Bodyguard Partners With LKQ

    Bodyguard Bumpers has announced its strategic distribution partnership with Keystone Automotive Operations, a division of LKQ Corporation, in the truck and off-road category.

  • News

    BD Diesel Torque Converter

    The BD Diesel 8RFE ProForce Torque Converter for Dodge 2007-2018 6.7L Cummins is designed for stock and modified 6.7L Diesels, from 350 to 550 flywheel horsepower, used in street and towing applications.

  • News

    Banks AutoMind 2 Programmer

    The Banks AutoMind programmer comes ready to run with pre-loaded calibrations developed with power and increased fuel economy in mind. The AutoMind can also display a host of critical engine functions and provides service technician diagnostic capabilitie

  • News

    New Product: XDP 6.0L Oil Cooler Flush Kit

    An excellent way to maintain proper function of your cooling system, the XDP Oil Cooler Flush Kit is a permanently installed back-flush valve that allows you to flush the oil cooler in your truck.

  • News

    New Product: Strictly Diesel Cooler Kit

    The Driven Diesel Transmission Cooler Kit for 2017-2019 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke diesel F250-F550 pickups and chassis cab trucks adds a large liquid-to-air heat exchanger to the OEM liquid to liquid unit, maintaining the OEM cooler’s ability to aid in warmin

  • News

    New Product: Noid Light Set

    This tool makes it simple to check fuel injectors in EFI systems to see if they are getting an electrical signal. Just plug in the correct Noid light and start the engine. If the light flashes, there is current flowing to the injector solenoid.

  • News

    Product Review--BD Duramax Turbo Kit

    BD's Diesel Performance has released its new Compound Add-A-Turbo Kit for the Chevy Duramax LML. This is a great upgrade for drivers wanting a reliable 500hp truck while still keeping stock turbo spool, and the ability to tow heavy loads and maintain safe

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    Product Review: Banks AirMouse Ambient Air Density Sensor

    The new AirMouse Ambient Air Density sensor module measures the power potential of air entering all naturally aspirated, turbo and supercharged engines. It’s a miniature rugged military-grade weather station tuned with scientific accuracy that you can add