SEMA 2022 GEARWRENCH Showstopper Award

November 2022 News

GEARWRENCH has recently come out with some new modular sets of various wrenches. One of the neat features about their new ratchet sets is that it comes in 2-inch thick foam that can be set that can be dropped into a tool box, and the ratchet, adapter, and all of the sizes perfectly seated inside the foam and labeled for maximum organization and efficiency. They also have multiple sets for non-ratcheting wrenches as well! But the most interesting thing they had was a simple development after listening to the vast numbers of mechanics who say it’s really annoying how they can’t tell which way the socket was going until after a twist or two. GEARWRENCH had a simple solution of stamping “ON” and “OFF” right on the ratchet—a small detail that will help save a lot of sanity!

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