Monster-Ram for RAM 6.7L Aids Fuel Economy

April 2022 Products, Video

The new Banks Monster-Ram Gen 2 isn't just the only 50-state emissions compliant high-performance intake manifold for all RAM 6.7L Cummins pickups, but it's also the winner of the most important competition: Mass Air Flow. That means it aids in fuel economy.

"Guys have been rating airflow using CFM since the dawn of time," explains Gale Banks in his latest video. "Engines back then weren't supercharged. They weren't turbocharged. They were naturally aspirated. So, CFM worked for measuring engine efficiency. But once you start supercharging or turbocharging them, you run into a problem." 

Gale explains why CFM is not a constant and therefore not a good measure of performance. What is a good measure? Mass Air Flow. CFM only tells you the volume of space the air takes up, it doesn't tell you about its mass. The heavier or denser the air is in a given space, the more oxygen it will contain. That's why knowing its mass is so important. And, when it comes to Mass Air Flow, the new Monster-Ram Gen 2 reigns supreme.

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