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Our glorious works of years gone by. These builds hold a special place in our hearts. Click below to check out the step-by-step process of each build.

Big Blue

With so many 7.3L engines still running strong, we wanted to show that with a few specific upgrades you could take an older Ford and breathe new life into her. We took our 2002 Ford F-250 Super Duty that we quickly dubbed Big Blue, based on its raised look and color and started off with some minor modifications and worked towards creating an efficient towing machine that would be capable of pulling anything we want to hitch behind it.

Part I - Gauges, wheels, tires, hitch and BedSteps
Part II - Starter, alternator, intake, exhaust 
Part III - Turbo, compressor wheel, wastegate, warm up valve, BrakeLoc, Boost Fooler, crankcase ventilation, boot & clamp
Part IV - Transmission, rear differential
Part V - Grille, headlights
Part VI - Dyno numbers, injectors, oil pump, turbo, intake manifold, tuner
Part VII - Project recap

Elk Hunter

As an avid hunter who lives for the outdoors, Adam Westfall's vision for his 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT was to create a bullet proof, off-road beast that would be ready for his next hunt. His end goal was to build a truck worthy to be called the Elk Hunter project truck.

Part I - Rear differential, transmission pan, front differential cover, bumpers
Part II - Line-X, fuel tank, tool box, hitch, fender flares, fuel preporator, steps
Part III - Banks 5.9L PowerPack, exhaust brake, brake housing, intercooler, intake manifold, air intake, tuner, Banks iQ, dyno numbers
Part IV - Headache rack, bedrail system, Backbone Full Back, winch
Part V - Leveling kit, shocks, wheels and tires

Honey Badger

The source of inspiration for the Honey Badger project truck came from a viral video on YouTube called "the Crazy Nasty#S! Honey Badger" that in a humorous way describes the honey badger's ferocious defensive skills and its keen diet for cobra snakes. When it came time to name our next project truck (a 2002 Dodge Ram 3500 Cummins with over 200K miles on it) the Honey Badger was a perfect name for it. "The honey badger just don't care," the video proclaims. And we didn't care that it had a lot of miles on it either, so that's why we jumped in with both feet to make this Cummins a true head turner. 

Part I - Cold air intake, computer chip upgrade, exhaust 
Part II
Transmission rebuild 
Part III
Injector nozzles, lift pump, injector pump 
Part IV
Part V
Bed bar, sidebars, bumpers, lights, wheels and tires 
Part VI -
Coating, project recap

Mile Marker

When we first introduced our 2006 Chevy Duramax LBZ project truck, we posed the question whether a high-mile, late-model truck is something to steer clear of. It's not, and to prove it, we bought this truck with 118,000 miles on it and we built a daily driver out of it that will be able to handle any job we throw at it for miles to come.

Part I - Stage 2 intake, turbo-back exhaust system
Part II - 
Insights CTS, backup camera, EFI live tuning, truck cap, bed liner, front bumper, wheels
Part III - 
Powertrain, turbo

Road Treasure

From day one we dubbed this truck Road Treasure because of the owner's unusual hobby that sometimes seems to put his life at risk. Dave Friedli has made a second career out of scouring road sides in search of items that have fallen off vehicles. His findings, which he refers to as road treasure, range from ladders and tow ropes, to coolers and motorcycle helmets. There's just no telling what he might find during his daily commute to work. His goal was to take his 2003 GMC LB7 Crew Cab Short Bed and create the ultimate towing machine and the process along the way didn't come easy. 

Part I - Dual exhaust system
Part II
Fuel pressure regulator, gauges, cold air intake, insights CTS 
Part III -
Lift, sway bars, wheels, tires, EFILive tuning 
Part IV -
Transmission rebuild, tranny pan, rear differential cover 
Part V - 
Injectors, turbo kit, FASS fuel system, EFILive tuning 

Part VI -
Project recap



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