June 30, 2015
Vision Wheel Locker Highlights Collection
Vision Wheel Locker style 420 is a dynamic addition to the company's off-road collection for 2015.
June 29, 2015
Katie Burke Love At First (Truck) Sight
The couple who builds together, stays together. Sharing a passion for diesel trucks has been a great relationship builder for Portland, Ohio, couple Michael Haring and Katie Pajestka.
June 26, 2015
Steve Janes An American Value: Tough Country—Forged In Steel
Anyone who believes “business is business” has never done business with a small southern Texas company called Tough Country.
June 25, 2015
Web Exclusive Trevor Mason Frantz Filter makes a comeback
Lubrication Specialties, Inc. has recently acquired the Frantz Filter and rereleased it with two new filter media designs. They have engineered it to better deliver a steady stream of contaminate-free oil.
June 24, 2015
Power of Pink
Back In The Driver’s Seat: Building a Power Stroke from the ground up
Recovering from a life-altering accident will help you put your priorities in order, which is exactly what happened to 24-year-old Shyla Nordman from Fowlerville, Mich.
June 23, 2015
Toyo Tires Nearly Doubles Size Offerings
On the heels of a successful introduction last September, Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. is nearly doubling its size offerings.
June 22, 2015
Brady L. Kay The Weeklong Switch
What started out as a joke soon turned into a nightmare, and to be honest, I’m still not quite sure how it all happened.
June 19, 2015
Web Exclusive Trevor Mason The NWDC and TITAN Fuel Tanks join forces
As of June 15, 2015, TITAN Fuel Tanks is now a series sponsor for the Northwest Dyno Circuit. In addition, they are now the title sponsor for the annual diesel show in Pocatello, Idaho, which will henceforth be known as the TITAN Fuel Tanks Diesel Festiva
June 18, 2015
Cummins High-output Performance Exhaust
MagnaFlow has released the Cat-Back performance exhaust for the 2004.5-2007 Ram 2500/3500 L6 5.9L.
June 17, 2015
Building A Masterpiece
When a truck doesn't fulfill all of the duties demanded of his owner, the next step, albeit bittersweet, may be to consider other options.
June 16, 2015
Air Intake Unlike Others On The Market: New from Sinister Diesel
Sinister Diesel’s new Cold Air Intake for the 2003-07 Ford 6.0L Power Stroke features build and material specs unlike others.
June 15, 2015
Brady L. Kay Passion To Convert
When we were toddlers our parents were quick to “help” us when we attempted to put the square peg in the round hole.
June 12, 2015
Dependable & Powerful: Built for North Dakota’s oil fields
Todd Allen’s 2013 Ford F250 6.7L is more than a truck and his daily driver. For two weeks out of every month it is his home, his office, and his means of transportation amid the wide expanse of the North Dakota oil fields.
June 11, 2015
Above & Beyond The Call of Duty - Slideshow: Paying Tribute to Our Fine Servicemen and Women
Some might tell you that war has changed, and in some ways it has, but ultimately, war never changes. Good men and women leave the comfort and safety of home to go off to fight for and defend their nation against evil and the enemies of their homeland.
June 11, 2015
Airman First Class Derek Kinzel
Derek Kinzel, affectionately known as Big D to his friends, was an Airman First Class in the United States Air Force from 2003 to 2006.
June 11, 2015
Editor’s Pick Part 2: Building From The Ground Up
The second round of installs had us down in Shelley, Idaho, visiting our friends at Adrenaline Performance.
June 11, 2015
Exploring The Great Outdoors: 6 Steps to converting your truck into a camper
With summer now in full swing, the desire (or pressure depending on your specific situation) to go camping is continuing to build.
June 11, 2015
Project LBZ Part 3 - Slideshow: Fuel Lifts & Face Lifts
When it debuted, the 2007 LBZ improved upon the LLY and the LB7, and was first released prior to increased government regulations which would become a standard for future engines, most notably the exhaust gas recirculation and the diesel particulate filte
June 11, 2015
The Reaper - Slideshow: Life After Deployment
Eight months into his 13-month-long deployment to Afghanistan, Rick Dabel began to build his dream truck—even if he was 7,000 plus miles from it.
June 11, 2015
The Rolling Fortress : And why it’s Army strong
In many ways, Leia Kinzel’s much-loved 1997 Ford F350 Power Stroke, nicknamed The Rolling Fortress, epitomizes her own strength of character.
June 11, 2015
The Ultimate Front Axle Build: Part 2 - Slideshow
Owning a Duramax, I’ve always hated fixing wheel hub bearings ever other year. So I finally stepped up and fixed the problem.
June 11, 2015
R-Series 46 Lights: From Rigid Industries
The new R-Series 46 Light raises the bar for Rigid Industries as its first circular light with all the output and technology Rigid is known for.
June 10, 2015
Web Exclusive Evergreen Speedway Memorial Day Event
Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington, was approached by NW Truck Pulls to put on a Truck Pull Event. This is something the Grandstands had not seen since the early 1980’s.
June 09, 2015
New Smarty Touch
The Smarty Touch is the latest product from M.A.D.S. Electronics SRL.
June 08, 2015
Len F. Davidson Duramax Beast Mode: Taking an LMM to the next level
When Willie Lewis first started tinkering with his 2008 Duramax LMM it was just another diesel truck pounding the dirt roads of Texas.
June 05, 2015
Feature My Truck
Dennis Seguine's Truck Next Door
Reader Dennis Seguine has a really nice 2010 Dodge Ram with just 46,000 miles on it. Check it out!
June 04, 2015
A New Approach to an Aftermarket Duramax Y-Bridge
Pusher Intakes has released a new aftermarket product for the 2004.5-2010 GM trucks equipped with the 6.6L Duramax diesel engine: the Pusher SuperMax Y-Bridge.
June 03, 2015
Michael Deulley Victory! : The Warhorse Forward
The fog of war has lifted. Among the dust and debris of relentless combat stands the Warhorse.
June 02, 2015
5.5-Inch Premium Lift System: For Silverado and Sierra 2500 and3500
Performance Accessories’ Premium Lift System raises 2015 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500 HD diesel pickup trucks up to 5.5 inches, to run up to a 35-inch diameter tire.
June 01, 2015
Len F. Davidson DT Install: 6.7L Power Stroke Turbo Problems
When Brian Yohe first took possession of his father’s slightly used 2011 6.7L Ford Power Stroke, he knew the truck needed some help on the performance side of things.



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