Evergreen Speedway Memorial Day Event

June 2015 Feature Web Exclusive

Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington, was approached by NW Truck Pulls to put on a Truck Pull Event. This is something the Grandstands had not seen since the early 1980’s. 

In the past the CAN-AM pullers had brought truck and tractor pulling to the speedway, and the events were very well attended in the early 1980’s.  CAN-AM stood for Canadian American Pullers which was started by a group in the Lynden/BC area, in the latter part of the 1970’s. 

NW Truck Pulls were invited to bring pulling back to the speedway this year with three events. The first was to be on Sunday May 24th, and would be in conjunction with seven other events throughout the day, with additional dates on opening night of the Evergreen State Fair August 27th and Truck Mania on September 26th

In the past the pull track was built between the grandstands and the front straight away of the 5/8 oval track. Due to safety and insurance as well as the mess to clean up, a new track was made just to the outside of the figure 8 track and inside of the 3/8 oval track. 

The Evergreen Speedway Sled Pull Track was built by NW Truck Pulls, Lin and Lorene Hill, Lenny Reed of Dynomite Diesel, Garrett Parlette NWTP Technical Staff, as well as a friend named Wes. 

On Sunday May 24th, Memorial Day weekend, the NWTP crew set up for the pull event, with 28 pull trucks in line, some traveling from as far away as Alberta, Canada. For the final 6pm show there were 10 trucks in the work stock class, four in the 2.5 class, five in the 2.6 class and five in the 3.0 class.  Along with all the diesels we had one gas truck in the 4500lb 4x4 class, one exhibition 2-wheel-drive gas truck, and one mini modified tractor. 

NWTP, along with BD Diesel Performance out of Abbottsford BC, worked together in their marketing to promote the two-day Challenge of the BD Street Legal Drags, Dyno & Drifting, then moved on to Monroe Washington for the Sled Pull. 


Starting out the gas exhibition truck was one of the original CAN-AM pullers called “Hog Wild.”Joey Haveman has worked very hard on this truck to get it ready for the track again, and has done an excellent job. “Hog Wild” was running wild again down the track, standing up on the back tires all the way down the track. The mini modified tractor “Dutch Hill Flash,” driven by Marty Korf, was another one from the CAN-AM days, which was a crowd pleaser as well. 

The Pulling started off with the only gas-powered truck in the field, Ron Fox’s supercharged Toyota pickup. He pulled 177 feet his first pull, and 278 feet on the second pull. 

Eight trucks went down due to carnage, but the show went on. In the final 6pm show round Work Stock class,  first place went to Brady Keil in his 04 Dodge 3500 with a pull of 308 ft. at 8.3 MPH. Second place went to Dillon Sayers in his 95 Dodge 2500—sponsored by Dynomite Diesel Products—with a pull of 302 feet at 11.6 MPH. Third place went to Kimberley Roth’s BD Diesel “Big Daddy.” With Brian Roth, her dad, at her side, her 02 GMC Duramax 2500 pulled 277 feet at 10.9 MPH.

The 2.5 class was led by Bri Iler, who in only her second event pulling pulled a distance of 301 feet at 15MPH in her Dynomite Diesel sponsored 2001 Dodge 2500. Second place went to Jake Duquaine in his 97 Dodge 2500, named “Right on the Money,” pulling 298 feet at 13.8 MPH. Third place went to Dustin Tekelenburg in his 05 Dodge 2500 sponsored by BD Diesel and North County Lawn Care.  The 2.6 class was won by Brandon Cole in his 06 Dodge 3500 dually, pulling 293 feet at 10 MPH. Second place went to Tim Oneil in his 99 Dodge, sponsored by Dynomite Diesel, with a pull of 293 feet at 11.6 MPH. Third place went to Dan Garvin with a single pull of 187 feet.  The 3.0 Class was handily won by Donavan Harris Armor Inc. in his 04.5 Dodge 3500 with a pull of 315 feet at 18 MPH. Second place went to Tony Alsted in his 01 Dodge 2500 with a pull of 273 feet at 9.6MPH, and third place was taken by Blake Dalton Diesel in his 07 Dodge 2500. 

The May Event had a total of 8 action venues all going on at the same time. All were very well attended even though it was in the middle of a holiday weekend; there were still 2,651 people in the crowd! 

NW Truck Pulls is looking forward to the next event, which takes place on the opening day of the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe Washington on August 27th, where they will be the opening show. A PIT PARTY is planned, with spectators right down at the track itself, Fan Fest, fireworks, Diesels, pro mods, and smoker tractors will be there to thrill and entertain the crowd.


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Photo Credit: Trinity Moon and Lisa Haveman

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