• DT Garage: Installing A Mean Green Alternator

    You truly find out who your friends are when you’re stuck in a field at the fairgrounds in a drenching rain with a powerless truck, thanks to a bad alternator.

  • DT Roundup: Compound Turbos

    The word turbo kind of says it all: take the existing engine and ramp up the power with a pressure boost.

  • Casey Pritchett's Truck Next Door

    Check out this 2009 Ford F350 6.4L with 80,000 miles!

  • The Best Of Both Worlds

    If you trace Abbie Polivka’s diesel passion back far enough, you’ll find that it has roots all the way back to her father.

  • The 2019 GMC Sierra Will Have a Carbon Fiber Bed

    Plus a bunch of other really neat (read: probably expensive) features.

  • Jake Debruler's Truck Next Door

    This 2014 Chevy 2500 HD Crew Cab is looking hot!

  • Say Hello To Sally

    When Virginia Kutsop was born, she was brought home from the hospital in the family 1995 Ford F350 7.3L. Thanks to her father, she’s been around diesels from then on.

  • News

    CARB-Approved Down Pipes From MBRP

    This is great news for 2008-2016 Ford or 2001-2015 Chevy/GMC owners!

  • News

    Elbow Your 7.3 In The Ribs With Sinister

    Sinister Diesel’s new Intake Elbow Kit for 1995.5-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstrokes is a great upgrade.

  • News

    Get Traction For Your 98-02 2nd-gen Dodge

    Longhorn Fab Shop traction bars are your solution and are affordable enough for the daily driver.

  • News

    Get Methodical

    The Method MR312 is a new one-piece street style wheel for 2018.

  • News

    Raise It Up With Rancho

    The kit fits up to 37-inch tires with minor trimming and includes front coil springs to lift the front five inches.

  • News

    ProMax 64 VVT Upgrades for 2004.5-2016 6.6L Duramax

    High Tech Turbo announces ProMax 64 VVT upgrades that use the latest Borg Warner SX-E Forged Mill Wheel compressor technology.

  • News

    Superchips Now Offers LED Lineup

    Now, Superchips will light the way for truck and Jeep customers with LIT, a lineup of powerful LED products that offers unmatched value and function.

  • News

    Bushwacker Expands Their Fender Flare Offerings

    Their flares offer a clean OE trim design that blends with the factory truck finish.

  • News

    ATS Diesel Joins Forces With Keystone Automotive

    “We are extremely excited to be partnering with a distributor like Keystone Automotive, which specializes in delivering big and bulky."

  • News

    Master Your Storage With ATC

    ATC Truck Covers now offers the StorMaster Combo, which packages together two secure storage drawers beneath a 57-inch wide LoadMaster bed system.

  • News

    Cover Up That 7.3 With Sinister

    The cover comes in a gray powder coat with the Sinister pit bull logo laser cut into the top in their signature blue.

  • News

    Get Some Air (Lift)

    Air Lift has released a great new product for anybody driving a lifted truck, which, let’s be honest, is most of us.

  • News

    Cool Your 6.7 With Mishimoto

    Mishimoto has released a new radiator designed for 2013 and newer 6.7L Dodge Ram Cummins.

  • News

    Sinister Diesel Unveils New Website

    Sinister Diesel is showing off a slick brand-new look for their website.

  • News

    Cool Your LML With Banks

    Banks Power has released an all-new intercooler system for 2011-16 GM trucks. The 6.6L LML can now benefit from the expertise Banks brings to the table.

  • News

    Super Low Price For Superchips

    Superchips’ Flashpaq has been one of the industry’s best vehicle programmers for 30 years, featuring impressive power gains, improved fuel efficiency, and best-in-class customer services.

  • Multimedia

    Why Diesels Make Better Torque

    There's a lot going on inside your engine to get you those higher torque numbers.

  • Multimedia

    Does 4WD Help You Brake Better?

    Short answer: maybe? Long answer: maaaayyyyybeeeee?

  • Multimedia

    How To Remove Your Duramax's Glow Plugs

    Got issues with your LLY's glow plugs? Here's how to fix it.

  • Multimedia

    Project Dirt Toy Burns Rubber

    Nothing like a little smoke on the...snow?

  • Multimedia

    Duraburb Builds The Suburban Diesel Of Your Dreams

    You're not getting one of these at your local Chevy dealer.

  • Multimedia

    SEMA 2017 - Diesel Brothers Interview

    We catch back up with the Bros to see what new stuff they've been working well as how much the Muscle eats.

  • Multimedia

    Gail Banks Compares The L5P To The LML

    Just how good is the new L5P? Ask Gail Banks!

  • Multimedia

    Hoonigan Meets Smokey F1

    The Hoonigan team meets up with Scott Birdsall and Smokey F1 a custom 1200HP Twin-Turbo Cummins diesel.

  • Multimedia

    Air Lift Unveils New Ad Campaign

    They have one question for you: do you “Know Squat”?