• Get Ready To Rock Some Chip Tunes

    While it sounds like a chip is literally a little microchip that you plug into your truck, it’s…not really that at all.

  • Jentry Poole's Truck Next Door

    Check out this great 2010 Dodge Ram 3500!

  • Black Versus White

    These two boast a big competitive streak that has each one sneaking her truck into the shop to have upgrades done without the other one knowing about it.

  • New Year, New Look!


  • Merry Christmas to All!

    Happy Holidays!

  • Our Emissions-Intact LML Broke 700 Horsepower!

    How did we do it? Come find out!

  • SEMA President Issues Statement On the Success Of The RPM Act

    SEMA President and CEO Chris Keating released a statement today outlining the effort that our industry has put into supporting the RPM Act.

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    Ingersoll Rand Gives You Strength and Flexibilty

    You now have more options and flexibility to get your maintenance jobs done right the first time with some new versatile products from Ingersoll-Rand.

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    Rigid's Got The Solution For the TITAN XD

    These light mounts provide you with a brilliant lighting solution for your vehicle.

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    Air Lift Improves Both Load Capacity and Ride Quality

    The new Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 XL provides 7,500 pounds of load-leveling capacity.

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    A Safe Grabber for Your Winching Needs

    The new Grabber from Bubba Rope is a safer and simpler way to attach a synthetic winch line to a winch drum.

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    Baldwin's Dual-Stage Fuel Filter Enhances Effectiveness

    It takes advantage of a recently-developed media technology to trap and hold the smallest contaminants.

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    Get Extreme With Lund’s Terrain HX Extreme Step Nerf Bar

    Lund has announced a new 3-inch nerf bar designed to handle the toughest roads and trails.

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    Line-X Donates Tickets to Armed Forces Personnel For College Football Bowl Game

    Local Texas military members will receive tickets to the showdown between the US Naval Academy and Louisiana Tech.

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    Get Some BD Injectors To Increase Your Horsepower

    Some of the best aftermarket products that work for our trucks these days are remanufactured OE products.

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    Toughen Your Cooling System With PPE

    PPE’s new Performance Silicone Coolant Hose Kit is sure to solve any problems as a replacement for your stock system.

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    Fixate Silicone Wedding Bands Make A Great Alternative To Metal

    Never get your ring stuck on your finger again!

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    Belmor Announces “I Did My Duty… Now I Drive Heavy Duty” Contest

    There's a pretty good chance that there are truckers in your family that will want to take notice of this contest.

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    Suspend Your Ford Power With Airlift

    Air Lift’s new heavy-duty LoadLifter 5000 and LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate air spring series are the toughest and smartest air suspension support systems for the 2017 Fords.

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    ATS Diesel Black Friday Sale

    Hear ye, hear ye! Get our deals here!

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    Make Your Shop Life Easier

    Feeling the need to up your mechanical game? You might!

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    Get DEEP With PPE for Longer Transmission Life

    Oil capacity plays a key role in optimizing the service life of an engine or transmission. PPE’s Heavy-Duty DEEP Transmission Pan shows that message well.

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    Michelin Defender: A Strong Tire for All Seasons

    If you’re in need of new tires for your pickup truck that will hold on strong without reducing power, then the Michelin Defender LTX M/S is your top pick.