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Promotes Education and Awareness

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Bosch, a supplier of diesel fuel injection systems and standard equipment, recently launced, a website providing information and education to help owners and technicians when purchasing replacement injectors. The site offers information on topics including: why injectors fail; hazards of using non-authorized remanufactured injectors; and an FAQ.

Conducting an evaluation of non-authorized rebuilt injectors available in the market, Bosch discovered that more than 50 percent failed and presented a potential hazard to the engine if installed in a diesel common rail system. Other potential hazards might include loss of power, reduced fuel ecnomy, breakdown after only short period of time, increased noise, engine won't start, smoke, engine damage, exhaust system damage, and more.

“Common rail engines are less forgiving of poor repair quality than conventional engines,” said Ross Sandercock, Director of Diesel Products for Bosch Automotive Aftermarket North America. “Although there are many options for selecting rebuilt/remanufactured injectors that can save you money, there are also as many risks associated with choosing an injector from a non-authorized remanufacturer. Consumers and technicians need to know the risks and understand the choices they have in order to make an informed decision regarding diesel vehicle service and performance,” he said.

According to Sandercock, an injector from a non-authorized remanufacturer could cause an issue as simple, but expensive, as a decrease in fuel economy; but at worst may lead to catastrophic engine or exhaust system damage. In fact, one failed injector could destroy the entire exhaust system and lead to complete engine failure, he said.

Using a problem-solution approach, takes visitors through the most common injector failure scenarios, lists the symptoms of those failures, and offers helpful tips on how to avoid them. The site also includes links to:
•    Informational brochures
•    Bosch Vehicle Part Finder – to help find the correct Bosch injector for the customer’s vehicle
•    Where to Buy – to find the nearest Bosch Diesel sales outlet

Bosch continually conducts testing on non-authorized rebuilt injectors to monitor quality in the marketplace, and reports its findings on to keep both consumers and technicians informed of the latest developments.  

The diesel common rail fuel system offers many advantages. It contributes to quieter performance, improved fuel economy, higher torque and lower emissions.  However, if an injector in one of these systems fails, it can damage the engine and potentially lead to an enormous repair bill. 

“Advancing diesel technology has been a tradition at Bosch for more than 87 years,” said Sandercock. “It’s important that customers and technicians understand the issues involved in repairing diesel fuel systems, and that they can trust Bosch to provide the education, replacement parts, test equipment and the service expertise to keep today’s diesel vehicles running smoothly and efficiently.”

For additional information on Bosch diesel products, please visit

Bosch is a proud supporter of the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association’s Know Your Parts® education and awareness campaign. This initiative promotes the importance of quality brand name aftermarket parts backed by full service suppliers, and its impact on delivering reliable products to today’s motorists. For more information visit:

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