The 2019 GMC Sierra Will Have a Carbon Fiber Bed

March 2018 Duramax, Feature Trevor Mason

Everybody knows that the GMC Sierra is just the nicer version of the Chevy Silverado (especially if you spring for the Denali package, Mr. Moneybags). While the 2019 model doesn’t break from tradition, it’s impressive just how much further it’s willing to go than its brother, and, well, pretty much any other pickup. 

There are two things to note from GM’s press release about the 2019 model. The main one is the truck bed for the Sierra. Here, just read it straight from the horse’s mouth: “The 2019 Sierra Denali will offer, later in the model year, an available GMC exclusive and industry-first carbon fiber box — the CarbonPro — developed to increase durability, efficiency and functionality of the truck. It replaces the standard steel inner panels and floor with a lightweight, purpose-designed carbon fiber composite that offers best-in-class dent, scratch and corrosion resistance, making it the most durable pickup box in the segment.” That’s pretty neat! GM claims the carbon fiber will make the bed up to 62 pounds in weight reduction over the standard versions, and coupled with other improvements, the truck will be 360 pounds lighter overall. 

Thing number two of note: GM’s “MultiPro Tailgate.” Look, I’m not a fan of that branding, but the tailgate itself is…well, interesting is a good word. It’s a Transformer, basically. It has six (!) functions and positions, which is, oh, about 5 more than a normal tailgate. It opens like normal (of course), but also has secondary functions to hold long loads, flips in half so you can access the bed without opening the WHOLE tailgate, turns into a step so you can climb up easier, and even turns into a sort of bench. Here, just watch this video:

Okay, that actually looks pretty sweet. Anyway, there’s a bunch of finer details in the press release, like an improved “infotainment” system and a rear camera mirror, which actually sounds like it’s pretty useful, especially if you have a fully loaded truck bed or a camper shell. Check it out here.

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