Salvage Yards

In search of hidden treasure

December 2014 Feature Roy Sparks

Near New

You never know what you might find on a truck until you look. An owner might have just purchased a new high pressure oil pump a month before being in a bad accident that totaled the vehicle.

“I scored eight brand new injectors for my 7.3L,” posted Alton Veroneau.

“I got a complete exhaust stack system and headache rack with built-in bed rails for $50 bucks,” added Mike Pandolfo.

Another good find came from Aidan Dalton who posted, “The doors on my 2003 Cummins had rusted through and the motor had just blown on one with the same color as my truck at a local yard. The owner decided to junk it and there was almost no rust on it so I took all the doors.”

Austin Slaughter has his own tip that he shared on our Facebook page: “Nobody ever thinks of this but the best thing I get from the junk yard is a pocket full of free fuses. They don't care if you take them and I hate buying $8 worth of fuses for one 10 amp fuse.”

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