Salvage Yards

In search of hidden treasure

December 2014 Feature Roy Sparks

How It Works

Every yard is different, but basically if you’re going to find what you need you’re going to have to earn it. Usually you have to sign some type of waiver before they turn you loose and most scrap yards are organized in sections so you at least have an idea of which row to start looking in. You arm yourself with your own tools and when you find what you’re after you take if off the wrecked truck and bring it to the front counter. If it’s a big ticket item you’ll want to do your bartering before you get to this point, but most of the time you place your items on the counter and let the negotiating begin. When you reach a fair price you settle up and now you have what you were looking for at a fraction of what it would have cost to buy it new somewhere else.

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