The Dodge Warhorse Part 1

The prelude to performance

Published in the November 2013 Issue November 2013 News Michael Deulley

When the idea of a diesel pickup truck was conceived, it was done with power and extreme work capabilities at the forefront of the design. Diesel possesses an amazing potential that a gasoline engine just cannot compare to. Troy Unruh, a diesel enthusiast and auto repair aficionado of Idaho Falls, Idaho, knew this when he picked up his 1996 Dodge 2500. While other owners become captivated with the new generations of Dodge, Unruh realized more in the older Dodge that he couldn't overlook.

“I bought the '96 year model because of its proven track record. With all of my other car repairs and rebuilds, I needed a strong towing truck that could pull anything that I wanted. I did all of the research and made my decision to pick up the 5.9L Cummins. I wanted something that was bulletproof, and the 5.9L drive train in the '96 model was just that.”

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