October 31, 2013
Diesel University: Classes Begin December 10
Whether you're a beginner or an experienced tuner, the Diesel 101 class through Fleece Performance Engineering has what you're looking for. The two-da
October 25, 2013
Build, Duramax, Exhaust
Brady L. Kay Road Treasure Part 1: Dual Exhaust
Even though it tends to make his wife cringe, Dave Friedli never hesitates to investigate those items on the side of the highway that have fallen off
October 24, 2013| Published in the October 2013 issue
Brady L. Kay SEMA Countdown: Biggest Automotive Show Days Away
It's amazing how many miles people will travel each year to attend the Specialty Equipment Market Association show, better known as SEMA. There really
October 23, 2013
Feature My Truck
Jeremy Jones: Alliance, Ohio
I bought the truck back in 2008 with no intention on it ever becoming a highly modified daily driver.
October 14, 2013
Feature My Truck, Duramax
Katie Pajestka: North Bloomfield, Ohio
As most diesel enthusiasts know, any truck is always a project.
October 10, 2013
Round Up
Just Bought It: Quick and easy upgrades that will set your truck apart
Buying a new or used diesel truck is always an exciting experience. Nothing quite beats that feeling of taking the truck home and admiring it from a d
October 09, 2013
aFe Power's DPF-Back exhaust system: Making your GM diesel that much better
aFe Power has proudly announced the release of a DPF-Back exhaust system that is made compatible for GM diesels made in 2007.5-2010.
October 07, 2013| Published in the October 2013 issue
Ask The Expert
Brady L. Kay with Michael Deulley A Hunter's Checklist (Slideshow): Recapping the Elk Hunter project truck Part 6
Even when his 2005 Dodge SLT 2500 pickup was bone stock, Adam Westfall felt he had a decent truck to meet his hunting needs.
October 07, 2013| Published in the October 2013 issue
Ask The Expert
Brady L. Kay Now That's A Stretch (Slideshow): When big isn't big enough
Whether your family has outgrown your traditional transportation or your work vehicle needs are unique, there is a shop in southern Utah who can hel
October 03, 2013
AEM's HD Water Methanol/Injection Kit : Now Better Than Ever!
AEM's totally redesigned Controller Modules for their HD water methanol/injection kits allows for easier installation and programming.
October 02, 2013
Ask The Expert
Brady L. Kay ATS Hat Trick (slideshow)
A hat trick in sports is defined as the achievement of a positive feat three times or more during a game, or other achievements based on threes.
October 02, 2013| Published in the November 2013 issue
Brady L. Kay Talk'n Torque: Because We Are Diesel
There was a time not so long ago that I actually felt like less of an editor because our national publication wasn't based out of a big city office. W
October 02, 2013
Ask The Expert
Michael Deulley The Bully Dog Days Of Summer (Slideshow)
The summers in the high deserts of southeastern Idaho can be brutal, but that didn't stop Bully Dog from putting on a spectacular show with its Bull



Recapping the Vegas Show

Sneak Peek

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