Jeremy Jones

Alliance, Ohio

October 2013 Feature My Truck

I bought the truck back in 2008 with no intention on it ever becoming a highly modified daily driver. It started with a few modifications here and there to see some smoke, but I never knew when to quit until I upgraded almost every part, turning it into a monster. I love the truck. It is a single cab 4x4 six-speed manual and you don't see too many of those. It definitely stands out because most are quad or extended cabs. People always wave, give me a thumbs up or yell "roll some coal!" It kind of makes you feel good after putting tons of hours working on it.

It started with a Smarty programmer, which led to a South Bend clutch. I then played with different turbo sizes and fueling systems to work hand in hand with one another for optimal horsepower. In the end I went with a 62/s475 compound setup with 225hp injectors. Kind of overkill for a daily driver but if you're gonna do it, you might as well go big.

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