Katie Pajestka

North Bloomfield, Ohio

October 2013 Feature My Truck, Duramax

As most diesel enthusiasts know, any truck is always a project. My project is a 2003 Duramax that I bought about three years ago. In the past three years I have made some minor modifications to my truck: the stock injectors have been replaced, a deep tranny pan, an MA transfer case upgrade kit to prevent pump rub, some new headlights, tinted taillights, intake, 5-inch exhaust straight piped, leveling kit, EFI with a dsp5 from Kory Willis at Power Performance, roll pan, 20x9 Incubus Crushers with a Pirelli scorpion tire and a few other minor details.

I love the smooth ride that it has and I love how comfortable it is to ride in for a long period of time. My favorite reaction from people is how everyone says how clean the truck is. I'm definitely going for that clean look, something that will turn heads and not be overly flashy. It's easy to stay away from making it look like a girl's truck as I'm not a fan of pink and I love when people think it's my boyfriend's truck or expect a guy to get out of it.

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