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There’s a lot of things that truck owners do to secure their investment. While some have the finances and know how to install high performance, engine-strengthening aftermarket parts, others keep a constant vigil on their beloved truck. One way to protect the investment is a simple and relatively affordable bed liner. Bed lining is a quick and easy way to not only protect the bed of a truck, but the overall value. Having a bed liner is also an aesthetically pleasing addition to any truck.

Diesel Tech went out for more information on the benefits and necessities of a bed liner and contacted some of the leading manufacturers in the country. We were curious to see the professionals take on the importance of bed liners, and we were given some very enlightening answers.

Dual Liners

Dual Liners are bed liners that are constructed using a 5-piece component system that is custom fit for the truck. Coming to the consumer factory direct, the liner installs using little to no tools, and only takes around ten minutes to install from start to finish. Each panel locks together, providing a secure and lasting bond. It also offers a non-skid surface and its composition protects from static discharge.

“The Dual Liner’s 3/8-inch thick design is durable and each panel locks together firmly. Its simple assembly is great for the do-it-yourself truck owner, and provides lifetime protection to the bed and value of the truck,” says GM Cara Dickmann.

One of the best things about Dual Liner bed liners is that it is backed up with a lifetime warranty, and coming in at $384 (including delivery and lifetime warranty), it’s a must-have for any truck owner.



Another great–and very unique–bed liner comes from BedRug/BedTred. With BedRug, consumers are given the opportunity to get the soft feel and fine look of bed carpeting, but with the strength and durability of any polypropylene bed liner on the market today. BedTred offers the same long-lasting protection to any truck bed, but with the difference that it’s not a spray-in liner or a drop-in. In fact, the liner can be applied right to the paint, where it then adheres.

“With BedRug you get the comfort and look of carpet, but don’t let the plush appearance fool you,” says Ryan Herman, the national sales manager for the company. “You can literally use the BedRug like you would any other liner on the market and it’s manufactured from 100 percent polypropylene (essentially plastic). BedTred is an alternative to the rugged feel and look of a spray-in liner but without the need to destroy your factory paint finish. Both are easy to install, tougher than your truck, and backed with a limited lifetime warranty.”

Down the road, should you want to remove the BedTred to reveal a perfectly preserved factory paint finish. BedTred starts at $379 and BedRug starts at $413, leaving plenty of money left in your truck “to-do list” funds.


The Durabak Company

The Durabak Company bed liners are available in both a smooth texture, which can be used to paint the body, making it scratch resistant, and the typically used rough texture coating to cover the bed. Like other manufacturers, Durabak’s liner offers amazing protection for the truck bed.

“Durabak polyurethane coating offers vehicle protection against damage, helps to prevent rust with excellent bonding and also offers excellent slip resistance of cargo as well as from a safety perspective,” says President Jake Iceowicz.

Durabak liners are also fit for the eclectic driver out there. With 17 colors to choose from, including military olive, sand, red, white, blue, yellow and more, there is a style of liner for any taste. Prices for Durabak liners will vary as different colors and textures are chosen, so checking out the website is a definite must.


Rhino Linings

Rhino Linings is one of the most renowned and acknowledged bed lining companies in the nation today. This is, in part, due to the Rhino Liner’s durability and long-lasting protection.

“A Rhino Linings sprayed-on bed liner will shield your truck from impact, scratches and rust to keep your truck looking like the day you drove it off the lot,” says Pierre Gagnon, president and CEO. “A Rhino Liner will add years to your truck’s life, while increasing its resale value. It provides a better travel experience by dampening road noise and vibration. Additionally, our anti-slip liner offers improved traction for your valuable cargo. The balance of form and function is why many truck owners choose Rhino Linings.”

The cost of a Rhino Liner will vary and owners looking to have one installed should check their local area for the nearest authorized Rhino Lining dealer for pricing. It may seem like a little work to make the call, but guaranteeing the value and protection of your truck is more than worth the extra work.



Line-X bed liners give truck beds long-lasting and durable protection from damage, protect the bed from excessive moisture, and ultimately save truck owners money in the long run.

“When I see a brand new truck drive off a lot without a Line-X bed liner, I only see the potential for damage and unnecessary expense,” says Paul DeSmet, executive vice president of Line-X Protective Coatings. “Line-X cannot only add a pleasing aesthetic to any truck, but provide protection from corrosion and other damage that can plague an exposed truck bed.”

Line-X has franchises across the country, so checking out your nearest Line-X store is as simple as looking online. Taking the time to check pricing options at the store nearest you can be the difference between protecting your truck and spending hundreds repairing your bed.


Ultimate Linings

Some truck beds create excessive vibration and noise due to natural driving circumstances or drop-in bed liners. Ultimate Linings not only keeps your truck silent, but, according to Kelly Blue Book, helps the truck retain its value over time. It’s this value that has caught the attention of truck dealerships across the country.

“The feature advantage benefits of the spray-on bed liner have grown so much popularity that Ford, GM and Ram trucks have started spraying trucks at the OE level,” says John E. Jamroz, vice president of sales and marketing. “The product continues to gain in popularity and uses as more awareness is brought to the forefront.”

Pricing for an Ultimate liner will vary by region, but customers should expect to pay around $379-$599 from start to finish. However, if customers wish to do the job on their own, kits range from $399 to $599.


Al’s Bed Liner

Another great do-it-yourself product is Al’s Bed Liners. A lot of people rely heavily on their truck, and can’t seem to find the time to leave it in the shop. Al’s liners are a great and simple way to install a bed liner without paying a shop and leaving your truck for the day. Like other liners, Al’s liner is another great solution for an amazing protective bed cover.

“With a properly installed liner, you create a water tight seal on the surface to help prevent corrosion over time and prolong the life of the substrate you apply it to,” says Dana Mitchell, an account executive at Scorpion Protective Coating, Inc. “From truck beds, rocker panels, wheel wells and underbodies to trailers and drop gates, storage compartments and much more. Bed Liner material provides an easy way to protect your investments for years to come.”

Depending on the region, Al’s Bed Liner can range from $300 to $800, but the current national average price is around $550.


There are a lot of choices when looking for the perfect bed liner. Each one provides long-lasting protection and not only look great, but help retain the value of the truck over the years. Whether you’re hauling bed rock or heavy machinery, or you need a platform to carry your camping equipment, a bed liner is the perfect solution for a secure and protective surface to transport just about anything you can fit in a truck bed. A lot of manufacturers make a premium, easy to install bed liner at a price that can fit into any budget, so the real question is not why you would get a bed liner, but why wouldn’t you? DT

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