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When it comes to making some big power for better performance for work and play, it’s hard to beat the turbo … that’s why the Editors of Diesel Tech Magazine have collect information on some of the best options available for diesel owners.

This roundup offers some great suggestions on what you can do to increase your engine’s horsepower. And we all know that you can never go wrong when you throw more power at your problem.

Power Driven Diesel Turbo Tuner

Power Driven Diesel has developed a new boost controller for internal waste gate control on diesel trucks. Unlike current manual boost controllers, PDD’s new Turbo Tuner does not have a bleed orifice which means it can be mounted in the cab. This allows users to adjust their boost levels up or down on-the-fly by simply turning the knob. 

The Turbo Tuner prevents the waste gate from opening until boost pressure surpasses the knob setting, this eliminates early waste gate opening to increase spool-up. Precise waste gate control is very useful in tuning twin/compound turbo setups as generally for towing, less waste gating yields better EGT control and for big power, more waste gating is required. With the Turbo Tuner, waste gate adjustments can be made from inside the cab while you drive.”

Website: www.powerdrivendiesel.com.

Sinister Pitbull Series Turbo

Sinister Diesel’s Pitbull Series Turbo for the 5.9L Cummins can support up to 500 hp and improves acceleration and torque when towing, racing or any situation where performance counts in your Cummins.

This “drop-in” turbo fits like stock but runs much more efficiently. The upgraded 62 mm compressor wheel features larger blades paired with a high flow compressor cover, resulting in quicker spool up and drivability. The light-weight Forged Milled Wheels are stronger than stock and can withstand higher wheel speeds for better flow than other wheels.

It has Wastegate Turnbuckle Boost Control for easy boost adjustment and works seamlessly with both stock and aftermarket injectors. To finish off your engine bay this turbo is powder coated Sinister Blue to give a clean and custom look under the hood.

Price: $1,699. Website: www.sinisterdiesel.com.


Scheid 12 Valve Heads

Scheid Diesel’s machine shop builds billet aluminum and steel 12 Valve Cylinder Heads in house and specializes in top of the line custom builds. Scheid Diesel will work with you on your specific needs and deliver quality product to your door. Prices do vary depending on individual needs.

Website: www.scheiddiesel.com


WCFab Cummins Turbo Swap Kits

WCFab offers 2nd Gen Swap kit for the 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins platforms that are available for 2003 to 2018 model years. The WCFab kit has designed its High-Mount style 2nd Gen Kit with simplicity and many other great features that make it the most complete and easy to install kit on the market.

The ever-popular Steed Speed 2nd Gen Style Billet Steel exhaust manifold (sold separate) is mounted in an upwards position to give you the best access and great view of that new turbo charger.  

The Shorty style 4-inch turbo down pipe is one of many great features of the kit offering you quick and easy install. Instead of cutting your exhaust system apart like conventional swaps WCFab has incorporated a v-band flange that allows the new down pipe to connect right to your exhaust systems existing v-band style connection, making it compatible with OEM, 4-inch or 5-inch exhaust systems. The 4-inch Ceramic Coated and heat wrapped down pipe also has a threaded bung provision to support the transmission dipstick tube.

High quality, heavy duty silicone boots connect the intercooler plumbing to the intercooler, with v-band style, O-ring seal connections at the turbo compressor outlet on both s300 and s400 style kits for leak free, precise fitment. 5-inch (S400) and 4-inch (S300) fabricated intake pipes connecting the dry, non-oiled, air filter accompanied by the water-resistant Outerwear’s pre-filter cover.

Price: $1,195. Website: www.wcfab.com.


Garrett Duramax Turbo

The new Garrett Turbocharger needs no core charge. It is a true Garrett manufactured drop-in replacement. A vane position sensor is included with all new turbos. If you are getting either a P003A or a P2563 code and have replaced your vane position sensor and it did not fix the problem then most likely you have a bad turbo.

Loss of power, excess smoke, high fuel consumption, overheating, high exhaust temperatures and oil leakages from the turbocharger are all symptoms that could indicate turbocharger malfunction.

Price: $1250. Website: www.dmaxstore.com.


KC 7.3 Turbos

KC Turbo offers its new KC300x line of 7.3 turbos. The heart of these new turbos is the s300sxe style turbine and compressor wheels. The key to these turbos is the larger, higher flowing, s300 style turbine wheel that comes in three different sizes—68mm, 70mm and 73mm.

The smaller turbine wheels are 100 percent drop-in for the ability to add them to your own DIY turbo projects (68mm for 99-03, 70mm for 94-97) The larger 73mm actually comes with a thicker shaft and only offered in our larger turbos. This new wheel design provides better spool up, cooler egts, and more power all throughout the power band.

The 7x7 (Forged Milled Wheel) compressor wheels with thick hubs are designed after the s300 wheels. It has shown to work awesome widening the compressor map and reducing surge. The compressor cover is redesigned for a larger MAP groove to help with turbo surge and flow more air, this is also found in the SXE style comp covers.

Price: $990-$1590. Website: www.kcturbos.com.


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