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Published in the March 2019 Issue March 2019 Round Up, Feature

          The secret to power and performance can be found in the tune. And it’s no secret that a good tuner can help you get the most from your diesel engine.

          But along with the tuner, it is important to have the capability of collecting as much information about what’s happening inside your diesel engine as possible—engine rpm, engine temperature, airflow, fuel pressure and even turbo boost pressure.

          That’s why we’ve combined tuners and gauges in this month’s Diesel Tech Roundup—to help you find that secret combination that will make your truck run better than your buddy’s truck.

aFePower Advanced Gauge Display

Monitor, record and control your 2008-2018 diesel truck parameters and diagnostic information all from the convenience of your driver’s seat with aFe Power’s Advanced Gauge Display.

The AGD’s 5.5-inch full-color, multi-touch screen makes for a simple, good-looking overview of your vehicle’s parameters. Designed for the street, strip or on/off-road, the AGD monitors over 25 parameters so you can spot virtually any potential issues and ensure your vehicle is running at the best of its ability.

With customizable gauges and multiple screen layouts, each display can be tailored to your vehicle’s specific needs. The AGD can run diagnostic tests, read and clear DTC’s as well as record and store vehicle performance data via a micro SD card. The AGD also features Bluetooth connectivity for future software and power tune upgrades.

Price: $511.48. Website: www.afepower.com.


Throttle Sensitivity Booster

By reducing pedal lag, BD Diesel’s Throttle Sensitivity Booster forces your performance curve to occur sooner, achieving quicker engine response and a "fly back in your seat" feeling.

The plug-and-play module easily installs in less than an hour using factory connections and is adjustable to boost throttle signals by 50 percent or 100 percent. An optional dash-mounted push-button switch is available for most applications to give on-the-fly control plus add three more power levels.

The Throttle Sensitivity Booster is available for most gasoline or diesel-powered North American made pick-ups, SUV's, Jeeps, cars and vans.

 Price: $285. Website: www.bddiesel.com.


Transmission Pressure Controller

The BD Transmission Pressure Controller for Ford 6R140 and Chevy Duramax LML delivers up to 300 psi line pressure, giving 76 percent more theoretical holding power and preventing burned up clutches. This is a great way to increase transmission longevity for towing, street and race applications.

Unlike simple solenoid foolers or plugs which are active all the time, BD Pressure Controllers are only operational when turbo boost exceeds 15 psi. It does not create extra heat when inactive or cause clunky/unusual shifts.

The BD Transmission Pressure Controller installs quickly in less than an hour. The Duramax LML controller is also available with optional lockup controls.

 Price: $295. Website: www.bddiesel.com.


 Stealth Modules

Stealth Performance Products offers Stealth Modules for diesel pickups that help improve low-end power and torque while also dramatically reducing turbo lag. 

The Stealth module is a stand-alone computer that plugs in-line with factory connectors under the hood rather than plugging into the OBD II port (true plug and play technology). Unlike a typical tuner or programmer, these modules do not flash the truck’s computer.

The Stealth Modules are designed to be easily removed before service and to not leave an electronic “footprint” behind. While these units will not make a race truck, they will safely wake the truck up and make it perform the way it should. This product is stackable with tuners and throttle boosters for the majority of applications. It works with stock emissions intact; no modifications are necessary.  

Price: $450. Website: www.stealthmodules.com.


Banks Derringer Tuner

The Derringer represents a leap forward in performance tuning technology, adding 61 hp/112lb-ft to the 2017-19 Duramax, and 40hp/63lb-ft to the 2014-18 Ram 1500 and 2014-17 Grand Cherokee 3.0L EcoDiesel.

The OBD-II connected tuner features on-the-fly power level. It adds blistering horsepower, while keeping an eye on your engine and transmission’s safety. ActiveSafety adds a layer of protection with its self-monitoring hardware that provides automatic bypass should the unit lose power or a sensor malfunction ensuring you always have power available avoiding dangerous reduced engine power conditions other tuners can cause.

Bank’s AutoRate provides intelligent power by reading vehicle’s EGT, coolant temp and OBD-II diagnostics to prevent adding power when the engine is too cold or overheated, ensuring that your truck lasts for the long haul. The Derringer also protects your transmission with intelligent fuel delivery for slippage prevention and smooth shifting. Because the Derringer reads over a dozen points of data from the OBD-II, it calculates Banks exclusive parameters adding even more refinement to its added power and safety.

Price:  $739. Website:  www.bankspower.com.


Banks iDash 1.8 SuperGauge and DataMonster

The Banks iDash is the smallest, most powerful plug-n-play OBD-II monitor and control interface on the market and can be mounted on the windshield or in any 2 1/16-inch hole.

With its easy-to-read 2- to 8-gauge user selectable LCD display, the iDash 1.8 reads a multitude of engine parameters in real-time. Monitor max and min values of selectable list of parameters. Read and clear trouble codes on-the-fly. Customize the navigation button and LCD display colors, brightness, and even the rate at which they dim at night.

Recording your vehicle’s parameters is a snap as iDash is also available as the extremely powerful DataMonster which adds data logging for up to 100 user selectable parameters at a rate of up to 20 samples per second. With the included microSD card, owners can log over a months’ worth of continuous data. Data can be played back right on the iDash or transferred to a computer for deeper analysis. Add Banks sensor modules such as the 4-channel analog module, 4-channel thermocouple module, and AirMouse Ambient Air Density sensor for nearly infinite vehicle, weather and performance analysis.

Price:  $259. Website: www.bankspower.com.


Edge Evolution CTS2

Innovation and quality are part of Edge’s DNA. The Evolution has no peer in the marketplace and is designed for WOW.  Evolution is the ultimate in-cabin tuner and digital gauge package packed into one killer product. 

It includes performance tuning levels for mileage, towing, and all-out power.  The Evolution is the ultimate package for any performance enthusiast. The Evolution offers 50-State legal tuning, allowing it to be used on trucks in any state legally. 

With CARB-compliant tuning reaching up to 150 hp, the Evolution can provide the power and mileage anywhere.

Website: www.edgeproducts.com


Superchips Flashpaq

Superchips Flashpaq handheld tuner is a state-of-the-art device that offers all the great power and fuel economy improvements that Superchips’ customers have come to love plus a whole lot more. 

Superchips offers more horsepower per dollar than anyone in the marketplace. The Flashpaq offers multiple tuning levels to accommodate various lifestyles and driving patterns. Our team works to ensure the driving experience is incredible whether the truck is towing a boat, getting you to/from work, or taking the family around town.

Website: www.superchips.com


EFILive FlashScan

Unlock your vehicle’s maximum potential with the new FlashScan V2 and AutoCal from EFILive. This will help you take the guesswork out of tuning as it allows you to scan, data log, and reprogram your vehicle for maximum performance and outstanding drivability.

Features include multivehicle licensing, custom operating systems, ECM Read, ECM Flash, scan tool, tune tool, data logging, read/clear DTCs, import tunes, wideband 02 and security.

FlashScan V2 supports Duramax 6.6L 2001-2016, Duramax 2.8L 2014-2019 and  Dodge Cummins 5.9L & 6.7L  2006-2018. With EFILive’s integrated AutoCal and AutoCal HD platform you can supply your tunes to customers anywhere in the world.

Price: $899-$1299. Website:  www.efilive.com.


BDX Tuner

The BDX hand-held performance tuner from Bully Dog gives drivers the edge they need, whether tackling tough terrain, pulling a heavy payload or maximizing fuel economy on the highway.

Its sleek design, full-color display and customizable gauges help track and adjust powertrain performance to deliver more horsepower and torque when it’s needed most. Cloud-based tune delivery over built-in WiFi means that the BDX will always be running the latest tuning—enabling drivers to stay one step ahead of the pack.

Price: $399. Website: www.bullydog.com.


AutoMeter Elite Series Gauges

AutoMeter’s Elite Series Digital gauges feature LED-backlit numeric readouts that can be displayed in one of seven colors, making them easy to read at a glance. 

Elite Series Digital gauges have durable stepper motors and are microprocessor-controlled for accurate readings.

You can program the LED numerical and radial sweep readouts in one of seven colors—and what’s more, you can program the gauges to flash or change color when user-set parameters are reached. Now you’ll know at a glance when water temperature gets too high, oil pressure plummets, or when you reach the proper shift-point.

 All gauges except the tach and speedometer have two data channels. That allows you to view each channel individually, toggle between channels, or see a combination of the two—one as a numerical display and the other as a sweep display.

Price: $319.95. Website: www.summitracing.com.


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