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Under The Hood With Our Turbo Roundup

March 2013 Round Up Katie Burke

Ford 6.0L Turbo Pedestal Kit from Turbonetics

Want more power and increased efficiency? Turbonetics Ford 6.0L turbo with pedestal is your answer. Drivers don't have to worry about turbo lag with this setup. The turbo has an exhaust housing engineered and sized specifically for the 6.0L power plant for smooth power delivery throughout the entire rpm range, particularly off-idle, where reduction of black smoke is so critical. Turbonetics Ceramic Ball Bearing turbo provides both fast spool-up for quick acceleration and increased airflow to help keep EGTs down. When combined with Spearco intercoolers, the intake temperatures will routinely drop by 150 degrees. That means an equal temperature drop in exhaust gas temps to tow longer, harder and heavier payloads. Offered with a high nickel cast steel adaptor flange so that the upgraded ball bearing turbocharger drops in directly in place of the factory unit, this turbo mounts neatly and securely on the factory exhaust manifold in a short time. All Turbonetics products are designed and manufactured in-house so they deliver performance and outstanding durability. (www.turboneticsinc.com)

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