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Under The Hood With Our Turbo Roundup

March 2013 Round Up Katie Burke

ATS Aurora 4000 from Thoroughbred Diesel

The Aurora 4000 is one of ATS' most popular turbochargers and is available for almost every make and model out there. It produces solid power, up to 630 rear-wheel horsepower, which is perfect for the daily driver. With moderate spool-up time, solid mid-range power and boost pressures up to 48 psi, this system provides all the power and performance necessary for lower EGTs and increased efficiency. It doesn't require head studs and all Aurora compressor and turbine housings are designed to fit perfectly when replacing stock turbo. Thoroughbred Diesel began as a business that thrived in the diesel repair for local people in Winchester, Ky., where their team learned everything through hands on experience. This enabled them to open an online store in 2005 where they can now pass on their knowledge to a larger scale of customers. The company prides itself on top rated service, whether in their retail showroom, over the phone or through their website. (www.thoroughbreddiesel.com/866-737-4966)

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Ford 6.0L Turbo Pedestal Kit from Turbonetics

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