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March 2013 Round Up Katie Burke

Duramax LLY Silver Bullet from Industrial Injection

Industrial Injection knows what performance perfection is all about and their latest effort, the Silver Bullet, is pretty much as close as it gets. The Silver Bullet was designed to handle multiple fueling upgrades and comes in three sizes-62mm, 64mm and 66mm-to fit almost any customers need. The pictured model comes equipped with an extended tip 66mm compressor wheel, 360-degree thrust bearing and is designed for `04.5-`05 LLY Duramax engines. The Silver Bullet utilizes the 74mm turbine wheel to improve performance at a lower rpm range and to reduce compressor surge. The compressor housing has a fresh, polished look that is appealing to the eye. The Silver Bullet uses a 14 cm exhaust housing in which the angle of the exhaust nozzle was modified, the wastegate ports have been maximized and has an enlarged wastegate chamber for full wastegate travel. Like all PhatShaft turbochargers, it is equipped with dual grooved high performance bearings and an adjustable boost elbow. The Sliver Bullet can support over 800hp. (www.industrialinjection.com/ 800-252-9329)

Making it's way next time...

Duramax LBZ/LMM 45/40 Compound Twin Turbo Kit from PPE

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