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Under The Hood With Our Turbo Roundup

March 2013 Round Up Katie Burke

Cummins S400 Twin Turbos from Diesel Power Source

Diesel Power Source offers several twin turbo options, built to suit nearly every budget and horsepower range. Starting with a Stocker Twin Kit (which utilizes the customer's stock turbo in the kit for almost a single turbo price) on up to its S480 series twin turbo kit. The S400 Twin/Compound Turbo Kit was designed on CAD Software so everything fits like it was built from the factory. It utilizes a direct bolt-on application so no cutting or fabrication is necessary and is designed for 1994-2002 Cummins. With quick "like stock" spool-up and top end air flow of two to four times greater than a single turbo, these twins give you the best performance possible. It bolts directly to the stock exhaust and comes with the largest air filter available on the market. While Diesel Power Source does carry a great line of D-Tech single turbos, its goal is to get every diesel owner suited with a set of twin turbos. Because once you've gone to a set of twins, you'll never go back to a single and the only thing that you'll like better is a set of DPS Triple Turbos, which is available now on their website. (www.dieselpowersource.com/801-930-8404)


Common Rail Dodge Turbo from Dynomite Diesel

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