Spin It Up With Danville

Under The Hood With Our Turbo Roundup

March 2013 Round Up Katie Burke

Duramax VGT 72mm from Danville

This is more than just your run of the mill turbo. This beast has been custom-coated so you can guarantee your turbo will stand out when the hood is open. Built for a 2004.5 to 2010 Duramax, this turbo comes with attitude when installed. Producing nearly 800 horsepower on their chassis dyno, the 72mm Danville Performance Turbocharger is designed to flow enormous amounts of air so your truck is pulling hard at any rpm range. Featuring a 72mm billet compressor wheel in a 4094 housing, this turbo is great for people who are ready to separate themselves from stock trucks. However, it is not meant for a stock replacement as fuel and intake/exhaust upgrades need to be done before you can install this turbo. Danville Performance has a full performance team to help you find the perfect turbo for your truck. (www.danvilleperformance.com/317-745-8587)

Still to come...

Cummins S400 Twin Turbos from Diesel Power Source

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