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March 2013 Round Up Katie Burke

It's turbo time! Increasing power while being fuel efficient is more than a home run, it's a grand slam during the World Series. There are some things to consider when picking a turbo though. Are you following correct engineering calculations to arrive at the correct air flow for the horsepower your engine is capable of with the fuel that you use? If you aren't sure, it's definitely worth it to check it out.

Many drivers aren't following proper estimates and this produces high emissions and poor turbo response on the bottom end. It can even cause overspin and explode the wheel. Instead of trial and error, take the time to see how much air you need for your targeted horsepower. The more airflow you put in the cylinder, the more fuel you will be able to combust, which gives your truck smoke-free and efficient power. You will achieve better fuel economy because of the increased airflow along the RPM range. Simply put? It takes less fuel to experience the same amount of power. Keeping all of that in mind, here is a look at different turbos available to give you that extra advantage on the road.

Cummins 5.9L Power Bladerunner Turbochargers from aFe

This race-only product adds over 100hp, 200 lbs/ft torque and reduced EDT's by 150 or more degrees. It is designed for Dodge 03-07 Cummins 5.9L owners and is limited to closed-course racing or open-course if formally sanctioned. Turbo bark and compressor surge is eliminated by using high-quality A356 cast aluminum in ported shroud compressor housing. In order to create a safe and simple installation, this turbo utilizes factory mounting points and retains the factory air control valve. It comes equipped with a 58mm inducer and a 76mm exducer, which reduces turbo lag and maximizes performance and power. It also comes standard with a heavy-duty billet aluminum wastegate actuator set at 40psi. New gaskets are supplied for a leak-free seal. This turbo features 360-degree thrust bearing and plain journal bearings which create a long life with no maintenance. (www.aFpower.com/951-493-7100)

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Cummins 6.7L Aurora Plus 7500 Turbo System from ATS Diesel Performance

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