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What else really matters?

Published in the May 2011 Issue May 2011 Round Up

Horsepower and Torque - what else really matters?If you're looking for a way to improve the performance of your diesel truck, you've come to the right place. Here at Diesel Tech, we've compiled information on the best companies to contact for intake, turbo systems, exhaust and everything in between, which means you're bound to find the perfect match.

An intake system is built to bring air into your truck's engine. Without a precise balance of air and fuel, combustion cannot occur, or if it does, it may be crippled and performance will suffer. Stock intake systems are designed to reduce the amount of noise in the truck cabin, but this comes at the cost of power. Diesel truck enthusiasts will often install a custom intake system into the engine compartment, sacrificing quiet for power.

As you can guess, turbo systems are meant to increase horsepower for a truck. Usually used to increase towing capacity, the general idea of using a turbo system is to give your truck more versatility in performing tasks.

Installing a turbo system also requires additional cooling systems to be put in place, or else the turbo will only be able to run at 10-15 second spurts before shutting down.

Exhaust systems are installed on trucks for one of two reasons: the first, to let people hear how loud your truck's engine really is, and second, to reduce constrictions on the exhaust, which can affect performance. When choosing an exhaust system that's right for you, consider whether or not you want to hear your engine rumbling 100 percent of the time it's running. Terms to know if you want to rattle the neighbors' windows are "racing" and "glasspack."

8Lug Truck Gear
(888) 886-2480

AEM Performance Electronics

Founded in 1987, AEM engineered their products with an emphasis on performance, quality and innovation, while providing the maximum price value to the enthusiast. AEM employees live and breathe performance and motorsports and it's that passion that gives them the inspiration for the products they design.

AEM's vision is to be considered the best company in the performance electronics markets by providing unmatched AEM Brute Forceinnovation, quality, performance and customer support to the diesel and gas performance enthusiast and racer.


Airaid Filter Company

Airaid Filter Company is dedicated to producing innovative, easy-to-install intake systems and premium filters for today's hard-working diesel engines. Using a blend of state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials, Airaid products improve the overall engine performance and drivability.

All Airaid premium filters utilize a hand-poured urethane body that won't crack, curl or shrink like other rubber or plastisol units used by other companies. Filtration performance is impressive, thanks to the combination of our proprietary material and multiple cotton gauze layers. All Airaid premium filters are 100 percent washable, reusable and feature a lifetime "No-Hassle" warranty.

Every since Airaid's beginnings in 1997, their motto has been "Build It Better!"


Alligator Performance
(866) 255-7212

(888) 402-2767

ANSA Automotive Exhaust Production
(478) 788-6653

ATS Diesel Performance

ATS Diesel Performance is the only company in the industry to invent, manufacture, and sell an entire line of electronic and mechanical performance upgrades for light-duty diesel trucks. Their products encapsulate the entire market, from towing upgrades, hotrod upgrades, all the way up to competition upgrades.

Clint Cannon is the founder of ATS. The goal for the future of the company is to bring the performance diesel world into an age of clean performance. This consists of high horsepower, while maintaining totally clean exhaust (no black smoke), low emissions that still pass emissions testing, and EPA approved performance parts.


Automotive Racing Products

They say that to be successful you must identify a need and satisfy it. Back in 1968, racing enthusiast Gary Holzapfel saw that many of his friends' broken engines were caused by fastener failure. At the time, there were no commercially available studs and bolts up to the challenge. So Holzapfel called upon his many years of fastener making experience for a leading aerospace subcontractor and founded ARP (Automotive Racing Products).

ARP has been a family-owned and operated company for over four decades, and the principals of the company are in the shop working daily. ARP is located in Ventura, Calif., where all processes from raw wire to finished fasteners are handled in-house.

Most high-performance fastener manufacturers operate on a special order basis, but not ARP. They have over 3,500 stock part numbers. They also offer custom design and fabrication.


Bean's Diesel Performance

For over 10 years, Bean's Diesel Performance has set itself apart from the crowd by staffing knowledgeable sales representatives, mechanics, fabricators, and tuners to ensure quality parts and service in an established and reputable shop.

Founder Ryan Bean's goal is to provide a quality standard of maintenance and performance service for light- and medium-duty diesel trucks.

Bean's Diesel Performance creates the programming on their dynos and also offers live tuning for optimal performance gains. These chips offer free lifetime revisions with the injectors.

(615) 563-7801

Black Cloud
(715) 824-5051

Cobb's Diesel Performance
(866) 380-3076

Cyclone Diesel Performance

Diesel performance is what these guys do! They can put everything from the best high performance chips to a screaming exhaust system in your diesel truck. Cyclone has access to hundreds of diesel performance products from many different manufacturers. It doesn't matter if you are looking to compete on a track, just get the best towing capabilities or improve on gas mileage; Cyclone employees are here to help you build the truck of your dreams. Cyclone wants nothing more than to be your one-stop-shop for all your diesel performance part needs.

(903) 776-9942

Danville Performance, Inc.
(317) 745-8587

Dave's Diesel
(800) 654-4715

Diesel Injection Service Co., Inc.
(502) 361-1181

Diesel Performance Plus

Darrell Keil founded Diesel Performance Plus because he felt like he was getting taken advantage of for parts he needed. DP Plus is here for their customers, not for their pocket books. The employees try to save their customers as much as possible on their repairs, maintenance and performance parts. They treat their customers like they would like to be treated and not like they're just another sale.

"I could not even begin to count the times customers have brought us their trucks with estimates from other shops for $1000 plus and we find the real issue and fix it for maybe $100. There are so many shops out there that are nothing more than parts changers and just looking to make more profits and we cannot stand that," Keil said.

DP Plus is devoted to building up a trusting repeat customer base by letting customers know they care about them and not just how much money they can make.

(417) 859-0895

Diesel Power Products

Real diesel enthusiasts answer the phone at Diesel Power Products. The company is large enough to supply its customers with pretty much everything imaginable for their diesel trucks, while still maintaining a small company's attention to detail and first-rate customer service. Diesel Power Products caters to the needs of every customer, from the racer to the guy who makes a living with his truck. They are a master distributor for Valair Clutch, Carli Suspension, Smarty, H&S, Diamond Eye, Bosch, AutoEnginutiy, Borgeson, ICON Vehicle Dynamics, Full Force Diesel, Edge, Dynatrac, Glacier Diesel and many, many more manufacturers.

(866) 379-8685

Diesel Power Source
(801) 898-4803
(954) 720-8600

Dunks Performance

(541) 726-1006

Dynomite Diesel Performance
(360) 794-7974

Elite Diesel Engineering
(719) 647-0232

FASS Fuel Systems/Diesel Performance Products, Inc.

Truly made and assembled in America: with over 90 percent of FASS product being made in the U.S. FASS is continuously searching to make these numbers 100 percent!

FASS teaches that air and vapor are major fuel contaminants when it comes to fuel injectors. Air will allow up to 50 percent greater impact force of the plunger to injector tip, causing tips to completely blow off, damaging not only components in the combustion chamber but the turbo or turbos.

Removal of air/vapor not only corrects the previous problems, but FASS also gives the customer peace of mind they are now getting the engine performance the engine manufacturers sold them.

(636) 433-5410

Fleece Performance Engineering, Inc.
(765) 676-5063

Flo Pro
(800) 762-4286

Ford Performance Specialists
(770) 949-7191

Geno's Garage
(770) 886-2500

Get Some Performance
(605) 543-5909

Gomer's US Diesel Parts
(800) 596-0814

Grand Rock
(440) 639-2000

Haisley Machine
(877) 948-3164

Heartthrob Exhaust, Inc.
(320) 693-8964

Heavy Metal Performance
(815) 725-8044

High Tech Turbo

High Tech Turbo is known for having the largest selection of performance diesel turbochargers on the market, and they announce they are the only diesel performance manufacturer to cast their own line of stainless steel turbine housing and manifolds. High Tech Turbo boasts one of the lowest failure rates of any turbocharger producer at only 0.2 percent. These products have been featured on several "firsts" in the industry, including the first diesel-powered monster truck (AirDog Monster truck) and the Bone Shaker, the fastest altered diesel dragster to run a quarter-mile on fuel only.

David Radzierez, owner and operator of the AirDog Monster truck, says it best: "HTT, thanks for the best product I've ever had the pleasure to run!"

(801) 304-0700

HotRod Diesel

(707) 544-4761

Hypermax Engineering
(847) 428-5655

Industrial Injection
(801) 972-0476

Innovative Diesel
(866) 642-7844

KLM Performance, Inc.
(203) 210-7200

KT Performance

MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust
(949) 858-5900

Mass Diesel Performance
(508) 660-7093

Mighty Diesel
(877) 354-7008

Motorsport Diesel
(276) 644-1036

Our Deals
(800) 288-2113

Performance Systems Manufacturing, LLC
(303) 279-7103

Pure Diesel Power
(206) 600-5755

River City Diesel
(309) 699-2488

Rosewood Diesel Shop
(440) 286-1990

Scheid Diesel
(812) 466-7202

Snow PerformanceSnow Performance

Snow Performance was started in 2002, and was the first to popularize and develop water-methanol injection systems for today's diesel and gasoline engines.

From the outset, the Boost Cooler has been the most sophisticated and robust out there. Snow has focused on advances in variable injection and today's pre-mapped 2Dmicro processor controlled units maintain Snow Performance's reputation as the leader in water-methanol injection.

Matt Snow founded the company after recognizing the need for detonation control in modern boosted engines. Following soon in 2003 were diesel systems for "safe power" -more power with cooler exhaust gas temps as well as improved fuel economy.

(719) 633-3811

SSDiesel Supply
(716) 874-6900

Thoroughbred Diesel
(866) 737-4966

True Performance Diesel
(800) 200-4708

Since 1997, has worked hard to supply the best products for diesel performance enthusiasts. The website is not only one of the longest-running truck and auto accessory websites on the Internet, but they also benefit from brick-and-mortar retail stores and a 50,000-square-foot warehouse. Founder Barrys Sanders has a laser-like focus on his one goal: to be the biggest Internet wholesaler on the entire Internet, and if his past performance is any indicator, the site soon will be.

(800) 388-8637

TST Products, Inc.
(812) 342-6741

Vulcan Performance

Bringing you automotive aftermarket parts design, production and distribution, Vulcan Performance is committed to bringing you the best values possible on diesel performance products for Dodge, Ford and GM trucks with no hype and no pressure, just great products at great prices.

Located in Vancouver, Wash., Vulcan Performance is involved in the design and production of fuel system components, filter systems, turbo system components, silicone boot systems, fuel injectors, various other parts and installation kits and most notably the DrawStraw line of products supplied to the diesel performance industry. Vulcan is also a distributor for AirDog and Raptor fuel systems and ISSPRO gauges.

(360) 450-4237

Xtreme Diesel

You can count on Xtreme Diesel from the sale to the installation to provide award-winning customer service. This isn't just another website; Xtreme Diesel offers you the best price guaranteed, in addition to expert technical advice and the largest inventory in the industry. Since they have both items in stock and on their shelves, they are able to offer you better selection, service and price, making Xtreme Diesel your true "One-Stop-Shop for Diesel Power."

With over 20 years of experience under their belt, the employees at Xtreme Diesel Performance are raising the bar for quality service and parts. The company's vision is to be the recognized market leader in the diesel performance industry, with a focus in constantly increasing their product offering.

(732) 681-9500

Zylstra Performance Products

Zylstra Performance Products' number one goal is to have the highest quality product and to have the best innovations.

Zylstra Automotive was founded in 1981 by John Zylstra, where they do repairs on all makes and models of vehicles. At this time the automotive computer era was just starting to boom. In 1997, Ford came out with its Powerstroke and the computer system on this engine. This computer system fascinated John, and gave him the push to start installing performance products and fuel tanks. But he was not satisfied with the quality or the options that were on the market for the auxiliary fuel and tool box systems. Zylstra Performance Products provides you with many options of fuel boxes and has also designed their own Auto Fuel Control (AFC) system. Zylstra Performance Products' number one goal is to have the highest quality product and to have the best innovations.

(559) 739-7303

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