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August 2021 News Web Exclusive

We get a lot of our automotive knowledge from various sources--our gearhead friends, grumpy Uncle Harry, and of course the interwebs. But even Uncle Harry doesn’t know everything. That’s why it’s good practice to go to the source and get your information from someone who knows what they’re talking about. 

That’s the idea behind the Summit Racing Tech Webinars presented by Babcox Media's Tomorrow’s Tech and Shop Owner magazines. They sat down with manufacturers and industry experts and picked their brains on their particular products or area of expertise. You’ll get the straight scoop on their products, how they work, and what they can do for you. 

So set aside some time and listen to the webinar that interests you most--you can access them here


Installing a RapidAir Compressed Air System in Your Shop
In this webinar, Summit Racing’s Justin Weideman and Andy Remus from RapidAir talk about the benefits, installation, and upkeep of a compressed air system. For example, a good compressed air system can extend the life of your compressor and air tools by removing water, rust, and sediment from the air supply. A compressed air system will eliminate the hazardous tangle of air hose and extension cords on the floor to make your shop a safer place to work. 

Topics include:
• Why aluminum tubing is better than PVC, copper, or black iron pipe 
• Key components of a RapidAir Maxline system
• Installation tips
• Using the RapidAir System Designer tool to design a system for your shop
• System maintenance and expansion
• Tools and system upgrades



Using the Right Jack or Jack Stand for the Job
We know you wouldn’t use wood blocks or other improper items to hoist a transmission or axle assembly into place—you would use a proper jack or jack stand for the task. In this webinar, Justin and Bob Fox from Sunex Tools talk about the use of specialized hydraulic jacks and jack stands including transmission jacks, portable truck and lift jacks, and under-hoist stands. Topics include: 
• How to select the right-size jack by vehicle weight and height
• What jack overload and bypass valves do
• Understanding jack stand capacity ratings
• Safety precautions 
• Jack maintenance

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