Mechanics At Your Doorstep

June 2021 News Web Exclusive

Every car owner knows how costly maintenance and repair can be when it comes to one’s time and money. A Harris Poll found that the average person spends around $397 per year on vehicle repairs and maintenance. Beyond that figure, is the inconvenience of having their vehicle worked on, wasting time at a repair shop, coordinating rides or rentals, and missing work due to scheduling repairs. One company, FixMyCar, is out to change all of that by revolutionizing the auto repair industry with mobile mechanics coming to the customer’s house or office.

“Traditionally, automotive repair is a big hassle for most people because scheduling an appointment, getting a ride home, and being without transportation is extremely inconvenient,” explains Prashant Salla, founder of FixMyCar. “Our business model addresses this issue by bringing car repair to your house and scheduling it based on your convenience.”

FixMyCar is bringing certified mechanics to your vehicle at your home or office. Not only that, but the service hours are also flexible with extended business hours and weekend availability, allowing car owners the opportunity to get the work done when it’s most convenient for them. Currently, FixMyCar makes car repair more convenient and affordable in Detroit, Dallas, Houston, and soon Austin & other major metropolitans. In the future, FixMyCar will be available nationwide.

Not only does this mobile mechanic service make it easier to get repairs and maintenance work done, it’s also more affordable than going to a dealership or a repair shop. Because the mobile service model has little overhead, FixMyCar is able to offer services for 20-30 percent lower than dealerships and repair shops while still providing mechanics with significantly higher salaries.

Furthermore, all FixMyCar repairs and services come with a 24-month or 24,000-mile warranty on parts and labor. Some services offered include:

  • Diagnostics
  • Battery and starter replacement
  • Brake and light engine repairs
  • Routine maintenance (such as oil changes)
  • Used car inspections when buying a used car

FixMyCar is launching an annual membership program designed to save customers more money and give them peace of mind when it comes to car repair and maintenance. Additional services in the pipeline are towing, washing, buying, selling & renting cars from your driveway which will all be handled through the company’s MyCar Marketplace. With the MyCar marketplace, customers will be able to get any service in their driveway just by pressing a few buttons on their phone.

“FixMyCar is a managed tech marketplace that aims to bring complete transparency & convenience to car repair by sending a certified mechanic to the car owner’s doorsteps,” added Salla. “We do background checks, certification verifications, soft skills screening, and ensure cultural fit when we hire mechanics. It’s a unique experience when you can talk to the mechanic outside your house, ask questions about your car, and get maintenance or driving tips. This changes the way people think about car repair and empowers them to take control of their vehicle’s health. The auto repair space is ripe for disruption.”

FixMyCar was founded by Salla in 2018; he received an initial $250,000 in funding from an angel investor he met at a bar. He has since secured another $1.6 million in investor funding from Mucker Capital VC, Okapi VC, Marc Randolph (Netflix’s founding CEO), Richard Wolpert (Hello Tech’s Founder & CEO), John Kobs (’s founder & CEO) and other strategic investors. Salla came to America in 2012 from India, where he was working as a mechanic for $100/month while studying Mechanical Engineering in college. He earned his Master’s degree in Automotive Engineering from Clemson University, South Carolina. Later, he moved to the Detroit region to work as an Engineer, and has since flourished in the industry.

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