Safe And Sustainable Tires

May 2021 News Web Exclusive

Environmental and climate protection are driving the development of modern tires: Trucks are to consume less fuel and thus emit less carbon dioxide. The components of the tire tread have a major influence on this, as tires with a low rolling resistance save fuel. However, they still need to impress in terms of wet grip and durability. This is where silica from Evonik come in: As active fillers, they optimize the rubber compounds used in pioneering tires. “Green tires” are an excellent example of this – they guarantee a low rolling resistance, while their improved grip also shortens braking distances on wet roads without having a negative impact on durability.

Tires with large treads particularly benefit from the active fillers and reinforcing materials. Green tires even bring about a considerable reduction in fuel consumption on trucks and buses. Evonik offers tire manufacturers a large selection of conventional and highly dispersible silica for rubber as fillers and reinforcing materials. 

Advantages of silica for the tire industry

  • Reduced rolling resistance for lower fuel consumption
  • Improved wet grip performance for more safety
  • Highly durable even when subjected to heavy loads
  • Silica/silane system as a decisive component of green tires

ULTRASIL 4000 GR is a low surface area silica with high dispersibility. These properties make it easy to integrate higher filler quantities into the tire tread, as ULTRASIL 4000 GR can easily be added to the rubber mixture. It is possible to create compact rubber compounds with good sheet appearance even after short mixing processes.

ULTRASIL 4000 GR allows tire manufacturers to create winter tires with significantly better traction on ice and snow than when using conventional silica. As well as improving driving characteristics and safety, the new filler also contributes to sustainability: When used in the tread of green tires, the product helps reduce rolling resistance, which in turn lowers fuel consumption.

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