New Air Lift Company Awareness Campaign

March 2021 News, Video Web Exclusive

Aftermarket air suspension manufacturer Air Lift Company has launched a new awareness campaign, aimed to increase recognition of the dangers of vehicle squat while towing or hauling. The new “You Don’t Need a Bigger Truck” campaign builds upon the company’s “Know Squat” campaign, which launched in 2019.

Educating the towing and hauling customer on the concerns of vehicle squat has been a primary goal of Air Lift for years, emphasizing the importance of towing or hauling with a level, stable vehicle. Vehicle squat, which can occur in any diesel truck, can lead to vehicle sway, bounce, bottoming out, and an overall uncomfortable ride. These issues lead to an unsafe towing or hauling situation, which put not only those in the truck, but also those on the road in an unsafe situation.

The new “You Don’t Need A Bigger Truck” campaign aims to educate customers in a humorous yet insightful manner that vehicle squat exists even when trucks are towing and hauling within their gross vehicle weight rating. Newer vehicles may be designed with a less-stiff suspension in order to create a more comfortable ride, but will also lead to the vehicle squatting under less weight.

The campaign will consist of three distinct ads targeting different consumers including campers, tradesmen and outdoorsmen. Each will inform customers that, if they see their vehicle squatting, it doesn’t necessarily mean they need a bigger truck and that the solution is simple and affordable.

“There is nothing more important to us than promoting a safe towing and hauling experience,” says Matt DeWitte, Director of Marketing at Air Lift Company. “We recognize that many of those who tow or haul and experience vehicle squat don’t recognize that squat is even happening. So, we’ve created a fun series of ads to educate customers on the problems of squat and the simple and affordable solutions offered by Air Lift to provide a safer and more comfortable towing or hauling experience that are also much less expensive than having to buy a new truck.”

The campaign went live on March 9, 2021, and can be viewed on Air Lift’s social media, YouTube, and website. For additional information on the dangers of squat and how an air suspension from Air Lift can help, visit the “Squat Happens” landing page.

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