New Fuel Test Shows a Pass or Fail of Fuel Clarity and Finds Water

September 2019 News

Just because you think your fuel is good does not make it PASS engine manufacturers' requirements. Engine manufacturers have a Zero tolerance for dirty fuel and any water in it.
Dieselcraft's FT-100 is a two in one Test Kit. It will show you exactly the degree of solid contamination and the presence of water.
The kit consists of a specially calibrated jar that will indicate a PASS or FAIL as to clarity.

As the clarity dissipates the calibration marks fade. Loose three and you FAIL.

Test 1: Simply add your fuel sample and fill the jar and see the results.

Test 2: Add the water detecting powder and shake the sample.

Any detection of suspended water is not good. If the detection powder turn pink. The fuel FAILS.

You will see that at 200 ppm you will see a few pink spots starting to show up in the powder.

At 500 ppm all the powder will take on a pink few and at 600+ ppm the power is now completely pink in color.

Dealers and Reps Wanted.
For further product information see the Dieselcraft web page at: or contact them at 530-613-2150.

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