3 Most Popular States for Trucks

August 2019 News DT Staff

We hard-working Americans love our trucks. The full-size pickup is a renowned icon of American culture, both for work and for play. As far as diesels go, even the half-tons are making a move now with their diesel engine options. We found several interesting statistics on the three most popular states for pickups with reasoning that might blow your mind or may not come as a surprise to some:

California (about 4.7 million registered pickups): The primary reason for so many pickups in the Golden State is the construction industry. The state’s enormous population also means a correspondingly enormous economy, and that of course contributes to a large amount of construction projects. It’s not just the rental truck fleets; several workers use their own trucks as well.

Texas (about 4.2 million registered pickups): For a long time, Texas had a large cowboy and rancher population, and it still does! Those folks are tough and committed workers, and they need vehicles just as tough to serve them. Nothing can answer to that other than a full-size pickup. Of course, the state is home to King Ranch, one of the largest ranches in the country.

Florida (about 2.1 million registered pickups): Florida doesn’t have nearly as many trucks as California and Texas, but it’s still a huge state for full-size pickups. A good American breakfast relies on the work of pickups; Florida produces 75 percent of the orange juice for the U.S., and it wouldn’t be possible without the towing power of full-size pickups.

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