Two-Step Oil System Treatment

Published in the June 2019 Issue June 2019 Products, News

Hot Shot’s Secret introduces a powerful Two-Step Oil System Treatment safe for gas and diesel-powered vehicles. When used as directed, the two-step oil system treatment provides four major benefits: improved power and compression, reduced lifter and valve noise, reduced engine wear, and an increase in fuel economy. 

The first step in the treatment is to use Stiction Eliminator for overall cleaning of the engine’s oil system. In many cases, this treatment alone has restored injectors that are failing due to the burnt sticky oil that accumulates in the engine over time.

Next add FR3 Friction Reducer on the next oil change at a ratio of 1.5 ounces to every 1 quart of oil for long-term engine performance, restored power and improved mpg. FR3 is a synthetic friction reducer with three patented technologies.

The result of using Hot Shot’s Secret Two-Step Oil Treatment is a newly cleaned oil system now fully protected for maximum long-term performance. Combined, the treatment first thoroughly cleans the engine’s oil system, then with FR3 added extends the base oil performance in shear stability, oxidation stability and film strength.

Price: $54.90. Website:



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