Trigger Wireless Accessory Control Systems

January 2019 Products, News Web Exclusive

Wiring and controlling all of the 12-volt powered accessories on your off-road rig—lights, onboard air compressors, E-lockers, lights, and so forth—just got a lot easier thanks to Trigger. The company’s Wireless Accessory Control Systems not only cut wiring installation time, they let you control your accessories from inside the vehicle or remotely. 

The brains behind the Trigger system is the fully epoxy-potted, solid state control box. Mounted in the engine compartment, the box has three connections—ground, battery positive, and switched positive (trigger wire). Once that’s done, just connect your accessories to the box’s output cables—no need to route and stuff a spaghetti-pile of wires in the engine compartment or in the vehicle’s cabin. You don’t even need to run separate relays—the Trigger control box has built-in relays and fused circuits.
Now you can control your accessories using the included battery-powered RF remote. It switches for each accessory and sits in a mount that fits almost anywhere. You can also detach the remote and use it to control accessories from up to 40 feet away. Trigger even offers a free app that lets you turn accessories on and off using your Bluetooth-enabled phone. 
Other features include:
• 2.4 GHz frequency-hopping RF ensures solid connection to the remote
• Low voltage cut-out shuts down system to save your battery
• Waterproof connectors for the control box and accessory harnesses
• Manual on/off buttons on controller case
• LED indicators to indicate a relay is on or a fuse is blown
• 8 foot long accessory connection cables 
• Remote can be hardwired to the vehicle if desired
Summit Racing offers two Trigger Wireless Accessory Control Systems: The original Four-Channel with two 30 amp and two 10 amp circuits, and the Six-Shooter with two 30 amp, two 10 amp, and two 5 amp circuits. You can connect multiple systems together to control up to 24 accessories. We also carry mounts for the remote, bracket kits for the control box, extension accessory harnesses, and connector kits. 
Even though Trigger targets the off-road market, we think these systems are just the ticket to avoid the wiring jungle in hot rods and street machines, drag cars, circle trackers, road racers, and off-road buggies. Use one to connect and control electric fans, water pumps, fuel pumps, or most any other 12-volt doodad on your car. Fitting one should be no sweat even in a crowded engine bay or cockpit—the Four-Channel control box, for example, measures just 5.5 x 4.5 x 2 inches. 
These installation videos on the Trigger website will show you how easy it is to set up a controller system. 
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