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January 2019 Products, News

Although there are thousands of products on display at SEMA, here are just a quick handful that caught our eye.

Honda Rugged Open Air Vehicle

What looks more like a full-sized truck made from UTV parts, Honda displays the ultimate off-road four-wheel vehicle. This vehicle is a mixture of Honda components, such as modified Ridgeline (Honda’s sport truck) body and suspension, along with production Pioneer (Honda’s UTV) doors and custom designed bed and tailgate panels. The interior looks like a Ridgeline modified for life in the outdoors and waterproofed.

It has a 3.5 liter V6 with six-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. It rides on 22-inch diameter tires.

EZ Raider

 This is what you get when you cross a ATV with a skateboard—a single rider all-terrain electric vehicle. Manufactured by DS Raider, an Israeli company that is trying to make in-roads with the U.S. Military, the EZ Raider actually features some interesting concepts. It is light, quick (much faster than walking) and has a 24-mile range.

This may not be appealing to the off-road industry, but it’s unique and offers another dimension in recreation/transportation possibilities. Contact


Just call me a big fan of tow ropes, whether it be for trucks, UTVs or snowmobiles (I’m always tugging something on the end of a rope). The BubbaRope claims to be a faster, smarter and safer way to tow. And the quality of the ropes is impressive.

BubbaRopes come in various sizes and colors depending on what you need to tow. They are 100 percent double-braided nylon ropes with Gator-ize vinyl road armor coating. Contact

Monster Hooks

If you’re going to do some towing, it’s best to have the right connections for the job. That’s where the Monster Hooks come into play. (Monster also makes some great tow ropes.) The Reaper Shackle is a very popular product in the Monster line.

 It is made from 4140 forged heat-treated steel for incredible strength. This four-pound shackle is rated for 16,000 pounds towing with an “ultimate failure” rating at 80,000 pounds. It accommodates up to 4-inch ropes and straps. Contact

Hi-Lift Jack Base

We’re big fans of Hi-Lift jacks when out in the mountains. Sometimes you just need something that can get your vehicle up off the ground. But we really liked the Hi-Lift Off-Road Base that provides just a little more secure footprint in terrain.

Although this product goes hand-in-hand with the Hi-Lift Jack, it’s something that you want to have in your vehicle. Its rugged construction offers the strength and durability necessary to sustain any Hi-Lift jack. Contact

Transfer Flow Fuel Tank

 Who doesn’t want larger fuel tanks in their vehicles? Let’s face it: sometimes we just want to get in the truck and drive without worrying about finding fuel stops along the way. Transfer Flow offers both a 50-gallon replacement tank for Ford’s brand-new 2018 F-150 Power Stroke diesel, and a new 55-gallon replacement fuel tank system for 2017-19 GM/Chevy 2500/3500 diesel pickups.

Transfer Flow fuel tanks are versatile for every need, including high-capacity replacement tanks, in-bed auxiliary tanks, refueling tanks and fuel tank tool box combination systems. Contact

Roxor Diesel Off-Road

 It looks like a jeep, and it runs on diesel—the Mahindra Roxor Off-Road vehicle can work had and play hard. It features a nine-inch ground clearance and 3,490-pound towing capacity with its m2DiCR turbo diesel engine.

 The Roxor is made for off road … so it’s got a governor speed at 45 mph. It can get over 30 miles per gallon, giving it a 350-mile driving range. This isn’t your ordinary UTV. It’s heavier and designed for bigger work jobs. Contact


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