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Have you ever noticed that cars and trucks seem to have faces? We certainly recognize them that way. Just from the visual profile of the headlights, grille, and bumper, even an amateur can recognize the faces of the most common trucks. But your truck is anything but common, and this lineup of high-quality aftermarket bumpers will let everyone recognize your truck for its own unique personality. Stand out from the crowd. 

Addictive Desert Designs

The HoneyBadger front bumper for the 2017 Ford F250/F350 Super Duty features a modern box design that gives your truck an aggressive look that doesn't compromise protection. The HoneyBadger’s 3/16-inch internal structure plating and 1/8-inch external steel plating gives your truck the front-end protection you need. Add flexibility in winch mounts, multiple lighting options and the universal light mount setup, and you can mix and match accessories to make this Stealth-style bumper the finishing touch on your next project. The radius design follows the factory front end of your Super Duty to give this front bumper a perfect fit. (www.addictivedesertdesigns.com)


Aluminess Products has been producing lightweight aluminum off-road bumpers since 2001. Weighing an average of 85 pounds, yet still winch-compatible and strong enough to take you anywhere you might want to go, Aluminess bumpers reduce stress on your brakes, tires, suspension and steering components, prolonging the life of your vehicle when compared to steel bumpers. Aluminum does not rust, and with their tough, attractive, powder-coated finish, your bumper will maintain its classy appearance for years to come. Aluminess Products proudly produces all of their products in East County San Diego, Calif., giving this space-age metal bumper American-made quality to boot. (www.aluminess.com)


Very modern in styling yet distinctively ARB in heritage, this new Modular Bull Bar is truly innovative and utilizes a new modular design for which three distinct configurations are available. The result is a Modular Bull Bar that provides features for any RAM 2500 or 3500, no matter if it is a dedicated hunting rig that takes off for the back country, a fleet truck, or a daily driver that must be ready for any adventure.

The tough and rugged appearance of the RAM 2500 and 3500, with its bold grille and headlights, matched with the styling of the Modular Bull Bar results in a staggeringly stalwart presence that is functional no matter where the truck finds itself. (www.arbusa.com)


Backwoods Bumpers is dedicated to making top-quality, affordable bumpers and other truck accessories. This family-owned company designs, fabricates and customizes truck accessories to reflect the needs and personalities of people looking for adventure. The result is an excellent customer experience and a superior quality product made right here in the USA, because “Our employees take as much pride in our work as our customers do in their vehicles.” Backwoods bumpers are made from 3/8-inch and 3/16-inch steel, with all seams fully welded, front and back. Backwoods is more than a bumper; these truck accessories make a statement. (www.backwoodsbumpers.com)


Shown here is the Buckstop BOSS model bumper for the 2011-2016 F250/350 in polished stainless steel with additional 4-inch built-in light mounts to complement the larger lights. Among Buckstop’s large inventory of steel, aluminum, and polished stainless bumpers are such useful features as a latching door covering the winch, OE type hooks, 2-inch trailer receiver, and a myriad of styles and colors for the perfect personal touch. You can even build a custom bumper on the Buckstop website. Keep the wildlife off your truck, pull yourself out of a jam, and look good doing it. (www.buckstopinc.com)

Fab Fours  

The Fab Fours 2017 Ford Super Duty winch bumper focuses on strength and durability. This bumper is designed to be the ultimate in functionally-stylish front end protection while also providing more tire clearance to eliminate rubbing. The 3/16-inch steel construction comes in either a two-stage black matte powder coat or bare steel finish for a projection of power with the strength to back it up. Key features include the integrated fog and turn lights, D-Ring mounts and ability to accommodate up to 16,500-pound winches. The Premium Winch Bumper is available in a Full Guard, Pre-runner Guard or No Guard Bumper. (www.fabfours.com)


Fusion brings to the 2017 Super Duty an extremely heavy-duty bumper ready for all takers. With a 1/4-inch full-width faceplate and 1/4-inch mounts and secondaries, this bumper lacks precisely nothing in the strength department. Add to that solid construction the fact that this bumper has every necessary provision for Adaptive Cruise/Crash Avoidance Systems, and the design demonstrates precision to match. Fusion bumpers include engineered gussets for superior strength, prepared spaces for backup sensors, and mounts for such popular light bars as Rigid Industries, OLB, and Vision X. Fusion leaves nothing to chance in their pursuit of quality and heavy-duty toughness. (www.fusionbumpers.com)

Go Rhino!

Finish that aggressive, rugged look for your heavy-duty truck with Go Rhino’s winch-ready Bumper Replacements. Laser-measured and designed in 3D CAD to form fit the contours of each vehicle, these versatile BR10 bumpers are designed for winches up to 16,500 pounds and allow for customization with Go Rhino’s patented LED light mount bar, winch and light plate options. This bumper complements your truck’s aura of strength seamlessly with its measured proportions and functional design. And beyond either form or function, you have to admit, there’s something really right about attaching the image of a rhinoceros to a quality-looking bumper! (www.gorhino.com)

Iron Cross

The 40 Series Low Profile HD Bumper from Iron Cross Automotive is specifically designed to fit as well or better than the OEM truck bumpers. They provide a sleek style while also upgrading the flimsy stock bumper to a heavy-duty steel front end able to withstand off-road abuse. The bumpers are built with 10-gauge steel shells and 1/4-inch steel mounting brackets, and they are made to fit 6-inch LED fog lights and a 20- to 22-inch LED light bar in the center. If your rig happens to get stuck, you can be sure that the one-inch fully welded D-lugs would allow you to hook up your favorite shackle to get you pulled out. (www.ironcrossautomotive.com


The 2017 Super Duty Magnum RT-Series winch-ready bumper features steel construction, removable tow hooks, forced air induction, dual 3.5-inch square LED pods on each side and room for an additional 20-inch LED Light Bar with the RT and tube push-bar versions. In addition, the ICI Magnum Series bumpers for the Ford Super Duty have been engineered around the factory body for a perfect fit and are also compatible with all original equipment, including options for use with adaptive cruise control and front-facing camera. Magnum aftermarket bumpers are design to flow with the OE body lines and offer a perfect reveal to the truck body. (www.magnumtruckgear.com)


DIYers, this one’s for you. If you want a premium quality, heavy-duty truck bumper without breaking the bank, MOVE Bumpers offers an excellent weld-it-yourself alternative to the pricey, finished bumpers on the market. MOVE Bumper Kits are custom-made for your truck’s specifications, and come with pre-cut, pre-bent pieces ready for you to fit, weld, and bolt onto your truck. Keep the raw stainless steel finish, or customize to match your other truck mods. Starting at just $395, MOVE’s DIY bumpers provide your truck maximum protection, support, and customization at a fraction of the price. Go make it happen! (www.movebumpers.com)


The N-FAB Radius bumper follows the line of the front of your truck to create an extremely clean and aggressive pre-runner look. This RDS Bumper is a two-part system with the bumper and lower aluminum skid plate, and the whole assembly bolts directly onto the factory bumper mounting locations with no cutting or drilling required.

Each bumper is made in the U.S. with one-piece fully-welded design using 1.75-inch .095 wall tubing for strength and durability and includes a five-year finish and lifetime craftsmanship warranty. Options include many configurations of LED lights from most brands which attach easily via the Multi-Mount System and optional side plates. (www.n-fab.com)

Ranch Hand 

The Legend Series Front Bumper from Ranch Hand doesn’t just protect your vehicle, it earns your respect. Powerful and practical, Ranch Hand Front Bumpers completely replace your truck’s factory bumper, providing a solid defense against unpredictable obstacles on the road. This legendary “ranch style” replacement bumper is constructed from 4-inch schedule 40 pipe and diamond-plate steel, which just means it’s as strong as it gets. The Legend is Ranch Hand’s workhorse steel bumper, and it comes standard with a 2-inch receiver to accommodate deer feeders, winches, and trailers and most applications keep tow hooks and factory fog lights. (www.ranchhand.com)

Road Armor

From Road Armor's impressive selection we bring you the Intimidator. Road Armor’s original Stealth bumper is now available with a wider profile for 2011 to current F450 and F550 models. The new Intimidator guard accessory for the infamous Titan 2 bumper is back and better than ever. Bars roll over the hood on this model for enhanced protection and undeniable intimidation factor. The bumper comes in configurations for both winch and non-winch applications, and the Intimidator has quick release clamps at the headlights and hinges forward for under hood access. The Intimidator is currently available for Ford, RAM and Chevy. (www.roadarmor.com)

Throttle Down Kustoms

Through buildups in the shop, relentless testing of products on their own builds, and the constant torture their products endure at the hands of major rockcrawling teams, Throttle Down Kustoms is able to offer their customers some of the best products on the market, including the superb quality aftermarket bumpers and bumper grille guards they have been crafting since 2002. Throttle Down Kustoms uses premium quality material and equipment to ensure customer satisfaction, which is evident in the new front and rear bumpers for the 2017 Ford Super Duty. Protect your truck with style and the confidence to never slow down. (www.throttledownkustoms.com)

Tough Country

Always innovating, Tough Country is proud to announce its Deluxe Front is now compatible with Ford's Adaptive Cruise Control and front-facing camera. They took the already-popular Deluxe Front and modified the skirting to mount the ACC's radar at the perfect angle for operation, and the top crossbar design was changed to make a window for an unobstructed view for the front-facing camera as well. The Deluxe Front, with its 4-inch pipe base with wheel-to-wheel protection and finished in King Ranch color-matched powder coat, beautifully matches form with function to bring you peace of mind. (www.toughcountry.com)


TrailReady has developed a true Extreme-Duty Winch bumper for the new Aluminum Bodied 2017 Super Duty. Many of these trucks include a Radar module in the bumper for automatic braking functions, and TrailReady has recessed the winch deeper into the bumper to allow the brake module to stay in the OEM position. The rest of the bumper maintains TrailReady grunt with 2 1/2-inch tubing throughout the grille guard and 1/4-inch steel in the center winch area.  Aggressive styling with smooth-rolled edges give the bumper a look unlike any other. (www.trailready.com/bumpers)


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