Rick Price's Truck Next Door

Ephrata, Wash.

December 2017 Cummins, Feature My Truck, Feature DT Staff

She’s no perfect prom queen, but she can put it down when I step on the skinny stick. I have built this truck from stock to rockstar with a lot of support from my buddy Roger, who got me hooked on diesels; my wife; and I can’t forget the awesome parts and support from Jason at US Diesel Parts. I’m no mechanic by trade but just a person with a diesel passion. I can proudly say that I have wrenched on every part of this truck.
Starting with the stance on the truck, it’s a standard 4-inch leveling kit with a custom-made steering box stabilizer up front, dual steering stabilizing shocks up front, and homemade track bars in the rear to keep the 20-inch KMC Rockstar 3 rims and 35-inch tires from hopping and ripping the South Bend dual disc clutch and 6-speed NV5600 apart. For fuel I’m running a FASS 150 titanium lift pump with both CAT fuel and water separator filters. The stock CP3 pump has been replaced with a BD Diesel high pressure 72 percent over cp3. The injectors are Torque Diesel Motorsports stage 1 injectors, roughly 100hp in size. For air supply I’m running an ATS 7500/4000 combo, which is an 80mm turbo feeding the quick spooling 64mm. It’s also got an ATS dry filter, AFE blade runner intake horn and stock intercooler. For the electronics, it’s a simple Smarty Touch with standard and TnT-R tunes. Keeping the lid shut and the PSI in the heads are ARP headstuds. The exhaust is run through a 4-inch MBRP system and out through a 4- to 6-inch rear tip. My future plans are to continue to modify the engine with at least a stage 1 head with upgraded valves springs and titanium push rods. Once that’s complete I’ll leave it alone and enjoy driving it as my daily 700hp truck. A drug habit would be cheaper!


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