Shop Talk: November

Published in the November 2017 Issue September 2018 Feature

The Cool Kits

The new Intercooler kits for 2013+ Dodge 6.7L Cummins are manufactured with robust cast aluminum end tanks and a dense bar-and-plate core to support substantial boost pressures and lower AITS by 12.5 percent in stock or modified trucks. They are direct-fit kits and are available in a full kit or in separate parts, like just the boot kit, just the intercooler, or just the hose kits. These products offer dependability for the road and ensure that your truck keeps going strong. All products include a lifetime warranty. 

(877-466-4144 // 

Keep it Cool

The Heavy-Duty DEEP Aluminum Rear Differential Cover from PPE for GM 1500 trucks is designed to keep fluid cool, dense, and clean with cutting-edge features like internal heat sinks, external cooling fins, and a high-powered Neodynium magnet. The heat sink and cooling fins give the pan a larger surface area, resulting in cooler, denser liquid, and also prolonging the differential service life. The magnet filters out harmful metal particles, cleaning the oil and protecting the bearings and gears from damage. This cover is made in the USA from high-quality cast aluminum and features a pre-tapped 1/8-inch NPT port for temperature probe. Offering an additional quart of extra fluid capacity and extra strength to gear housing, this cover is available in three finishes: raw, brushed, and black. 

(714-985-4825 //

PurePower’s Reman 6.0L Turbo

PurePower Technologies has a new aftermarket turbo specifically designed for the 6.0L Power Stroke. PurePower specializes in engineering and remanufacturing air and fuel management components and has invested more than $10 million in developing reman turbo production capabilitie. Jerry Sweetland, PurePower’s CEO and president, says, “The launch of the 6.0L Power Stroke reman turbo is the culmination of extensive product research, development and testing. By leveraging our single-digit PPM remanufacturing processes, based on our OE heritage of supplying a full range of fuel management products, we will deliver only the highest quality turbos to the aftermarket.” The new Ford turbo is available for immediate shipment.

(803-744-7020 //

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