Pump It Up With FUELAB

June 2017 Products, News DT Staff

FUELAB’s new electric fuel pump boasts high efficiency, feeding up to 1,250 horsepower without burning out. Appropriately called the High Efficiency Twin-Screw Fuel Pump, its twin screw rotor design effectively guides the fuel to where it needs to be without drawing as much of a current while also greatly resisting vapor-lock. The motor is also electric and brush-free, so no need to worry about brushes wearing out or corroding. This pump is compatible with gasoline, diesel, methanol, and ethanol, and also with 12- and 16-volt electrical systems. It has a 500 LPH Flow Rating at 45 PSI and 13.5 volts, and a 125 PSI maximum operating pressure and runs without needing a speed control system. It has an integrated controller with a sealed electrical connector and an integrated dampened mounting system that isolates pump from vibration, and the whole pump weighs in at just less than three pounds. (618-344-3300 // www.fuelab.com)


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