Fixate Silicone Wedding Bands Make A Great Alternative To Metal

December 2016 Products, News Trevor Mason

If you’re married, you’ve doubtless heard all sorts of horror stories about people jamming their ring fingers and having the rings pose all sorts of troubles, or of the ring getting caught on something it shouldn’t. Hopefully none of these have happened to you, but whether or not you have, Fixate, Inc. has a great product for you. They have announced FX8 men’s and women’s silicone wedding bands. Made of high-performance medical-grade silicone, the rings have been developed by professional athletes, construction workers, business professionals and mechanics that all rely on their hands for their day-to-day jobs. The purpose-built, hypoallergenic, non-conductive, non-porous rings perfectly blend style, strength, and function, and are a fantastic alternative to a metal ring if you have a lifestyle that potentially puts your hands in harm’s way. The FX8 comes in a standard version and a Stealth version without the exterior logo. For more information, call 877-349-2831 or visit

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