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“I have always been a Ford girl,” Bree Jolley states matter-of-factly. “It’s what I’ve grown up with and loved.”

As far back as she can remember, this Rigby, Idaho, native has been into diesels, and for good reason. As she points out, “Diesels are different; you can modify and make them big, mean and custom unlike anybody else’s.”

Her mother, Moria Robison, will tell you that years ago when the other kids were all reading teen magazines and taping up posters of Justin Timberlake, Bree was reading car and truck magazines and taking pictures of custom trucks.

“As we passed vehicles on the freeway, I could tell the make and model of each one,” she laughs.

Bree’s love for the diesel industry has always been something of a mystery to Moria, who—being a stranger to what’s under the hood herself—has no idea where her girl picked up such a burning passion.

“Nobody believes we’re related due to the fact we are complete opposite in likes and interests,” Bree wisecracks.

Perhaps this won’t come as such a surprise, however, when you meet Bree’s grandfather, Rand Robison. This man, the same idol who taught her how to work hard and become self-reliant, was also the one who originally introduced her to Fords years ago. Rand always had Fords all through Bree’s childhood (and still does), and is part of the reason she has such a strong attachment to Ford models. But this brand loyalty goes deeper than tradition with Bree.

Ford Loyal

“I pick Ford because it feels how a truck is supposed to feel,” she says. “Solid, big, roomy, comfortable and plenty of power. I like to feel like I am driving a truck, not a beefed-up Tahoe.”

And her truck is anything but a beefed-up Tahoe. Bree sits behind the wheel of a pearl white 2011 Ford F350 Super Duty, a model notorious for being a rough and ready workhorse of a truck. A frequenter of PowerTech Diesel in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Bree knows the staff and the staff know Bree. They’re actually the ones who recommended we spotlight her in our magazine.

“I have always crawled under the hood and worked on my own stuff even to this day,” Bree says, and whether she’s looking for a specific part or needs advice for an install for improving her daily driver, this is the shop she heads off to. The owner of PowerTech, Brent Willsey, talked Bree into a lot of the modifications that have further solidified her truck into the impossible-to-ignore beast it is.

“I just had to throw in some of my own twists to make my truck unlike any other 6.7L on the road,” she adds.

Built For Bree

It all started with a desire to make this truck her own while ushering in power gains and increased drivability. This led to quite a list of modifications that turned her Ford into the beaut it is today.

Bree installed an H&S 64mm complete single turbo conversion kit, which replaced the factory turbocharger, exhaust manifolds, charged air piping and intake piping. She also installed a dual CP3 fueler for greater output and maintained rail pressure to increase horsepower, and paired this with a FASS fuel pump to ensure there was no fuel contamination that could, among other things, lead to less reliable performance. Bree also chose King’s 2.5 res shocks and Top Gun front and rear traction bars, which are designed to not only reduce axle wrap-up but also allow suspension articulation.

An installed ATS rear differential cover now holds more fluid and keeps the running temperatures down while also nicely lubricating the ring, pinion and seals. Bree also bolted a Carli stabilizer shock onto the factory Fork draglink for maximum turning radius and tough-to-beat steering control. By installing an S&B air intake, she was also able to draw in that greater airflow for increased horsepower.

Added Touches

Because there are a lot of benefits that come with including a dual exhaust, one was installed with an eye toward waking up that Super Duty diesel performance a little more.

You could say this truck gives a big impression both coming and going, thanks to the front and rear Fusion bumpers with Rigid LED lights. And now that she has a Titan 50-gallon fuel tank, Bree has the extra capacity for getting wherever she wants to go in her daily driving without worrying about what’s in the tank.

The bulk of this truck and all of these modifications sit on 37-inch Toyo MT tires and 22-inch American Force aluminum wheels, and even more aggression was teased out of the truck’s look with a 6-inch lift by Top Gun Customz.

The modifications so far have been extensive, but we haven’t even gotten to the outside bits yet. While the interior mods prove what Bree’s focus is, the show on the outside is the perfect statement of her unique style.

A 52-inch Rigid curved LED light bar on the windshield will draw anyone’s eye, and once they look past that they’ll be quick to note the painted-in mirrors and Royalty Core grille, which boasts a custom JJ Trucking logo in the center. A Royalty blue dash kit gave her interior some flair, while nobody could miss the painted-in white headlights with two more LED-lit JJ Trucking logos on the side markers. With painted-in emblems and LED smoked tail lights and cab light, you just can’t forget Bree’s truck once you seen it.

Juan Gonzalez from All Season Detail in Idaho Falls, Idaho, made sure to make it that way—he’s the only guy Bree trusts to detail her vehicles because of the quality of his work.

Made To Perform

Take a deep breath. That sums up the majority of the modifications done so far. So what are the after effects of this exciting installation spree?

Bree says, “All modifications that have been made have been a significant improvement as far as performance. It puts out 637.6 horsepower to the rear tires and 1150 ft/lbs of torque.” 

For towing trailers, the second big thing she uses her truck for, this is awesome news. With such satisfactory results, Bree can say, “I love the power behind a diesel motor; it gets you and whatever you are hauling where you need to go without a struggle.”

Through all the mod work, her husband, Jake Jolley, continues to be her big inspiration. These two get along like a Ford and a Power Stroke.

“Nothing he owns or has ever owned has been stock or not customized to his liking. He enjoys customizing my truck as much as I do,” she laughs.


Together, Bree and Jake started their own trucking company five years ago (hence the JJ Trucking logos). Jake was originally the sole driver but now they boast six semis in their personal fleet. “Go big or go home” is evident in all the trucks the Jolleys own, as the semis are just as customized as their personal trucks. Nothing is stock anywhere, from the stacks to the orange-and-white paint scheme to the custom logos. Five years from the company’s start, Bree is still handling all the bookkeeping while Jake manages the semis as their drivers work hauling water to North Dakota.

Obviously, both Bree and Jake get a kick out of being different. We’ll have to see if their three little girls grow up to show the same panache for customizing diesels. After all, they are the daughters of the woman who says point-blank, “I don’t do minivans.”

Looking Forward

Now that so much has been done to her daily driver, Bree says that any future mod plans “depend on just how crazy I want to get with this truck.”

One of the things Bree will undoubtedly tell you if you get the chance to talk to her is to never be afraid to put your own style into whatever you drive.

 “Customize it to your liking and don’t let anything or anyone hold you back or tell you different,” she firmly says. “Let your style shine no matter what your taste may be.”

After all, Bree Jolley will be the first to point out to you, “Life is too short to drive a boring vehicle.”

Amen, sister. Amen.

Photography by Trevor Mason 

All Season Detail


American Force Wheels


ATS Diesel Performance


Carli Suspension


FASS Fuel Systems


Fusion Bumpers


H&S Motorsports

JJ Trucking




PowerTech Diesel


Rigid Industries LED Lighting


Royalty Core


S&B Filters


Titan Fuel Tanks


Top Gun Customz


Toyo Tires







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