Bar's Leaks Has An Easy Fix For Tranny Performance

July 2016 Products, News DT Staff

Replacing or rebuilding a transmission is notoriously pricey, but installing Bar’s Leaks Automatic Transmission Repair is a cost-effective way to restore your transmission performance. Bar’s Leaks Automatic Transmission Repair stops slipping, lazy shifts and rough shifting. It also cuts down on noise by reducing friction enough to prevent wear and conditions seals, gaskets and O-rings to stop current leaks and prevent future leaks.

“Bar’s Leaks Automatic Transmission Repair is a proven solution that can save a ton of money and time,” explains Clay Parks, Vice President of Development for Bar’s Leaks. 

This product can be used when topping off existing transmission fluid or by adding a bottle when the transmission fluid is changed, is formulated to work in all types of transmission fluid, and is made for use in regular (not CVT) automatic transmissions. Like all Bar’s Leaks products, Automatic Transmission Repair is made in the U.S.A. It has a suggested retail price of $11. For more information, call 800-345-6572 or visit


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