Nissan TITAN XD vs. RAM EcoDiesel

Comparing the latest half-tons

June 2016 DT Staff Report

We could all use a little more patience, but it feels like we’ve had to wait an eternity from the time rumors started circulating about the RAM 1500 EcoDiesel and the TITAN XD Cummins to today where we’re actually seeing them on the road. These half-tons are adding a little excitement to the diesel industry and so far the feedback on both has been positive for the most part.

For months we’ve been hearing stories about guys following semi trucks hundreds of miles hoping the half-tons on the load were not spoken for. The attention appears to have died down a little to the point where in most areas you can walk on a truck lot and have at least a couple of different models to choose from.

During a recent staff meeting, things got a little heated when a debate broke out about the EcoDiesel and the TITAN XD. Diesel Tech Editor Brady Kay raved about the favorable fuel economy of the 3.0L VM Motori Italian diesel engine while Diesel Tech Assistant Editor Trevor Mason scoffed at the towing capacity and touted the 5.0L Cummins in the TITAN XD as the better choice between the two.

It may have taken college football years to figure out that the only way to settle things is on the field, but for the Diesel Tech staff it only took minutes to get a game plan in place. The only way to truly settle this debate is to drive them both and do a head-to-head comparison so that’s exactly what we did.

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