Blow Some Cool Air With Maradyne

June 2016 Products, News Trevor Mason

Ask anybody that works in a shop and they’ll tell you that things can get pretty toasty while you’re working on a truck. Summer may be winding down, but temperatures can still get up there in the fall, to say nothing about how hot a vehicle can get while it’s being worked on. Maradyne High Performance Fans has the Fast & Cool Air Blower to help you alleviate these problems right away.

Designed with durability and high performance in mind, the Fast & Cool Air Blower can be positioned at three angles, 0, 45, and 90 degrees, to give you maximum air flow in the shop or out at the race track, where it’s absolutely vital to rapidly cool down engines, brakes, and clutches. Anyone working a dyno will get lots of use out of it, too.

The blower spits out air at 3,000 feet per minute, which is two to three times the power of other fans out there. It costs less than $200 and comes with a one-year warranty for parts and labor. For more information, call 800-403-7953 or visit

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