A Sailor’s Truck

From nuclear power to Power Stroke power

June 2016 Rory B. Bellows

Diesel enthusiasts come from all walks of life. The enormous response to this year’s Salute The Troops feature illustrates that pretty plainly. The dedication to the diesel life is plain to see in the truck that ETN1 Aaron Shaner has put together.

Shaner is a nuclear electronics technician (E6) in the United States Navy. He’s been in for more than eight years since October of 2007 and after coming from his first sea command out of Groton, Conn., where he served on the USS [New Hampshire], he is currently teaching young sailors coming through the nuclear pipeline to man the fleet.

Prospective ETNs go through three stages of training in the Navy Nuclear Pipeline before they’re ready to serve. The curriculum ranges from mathematics, basic, analog, and digital electronics theory to calculus, reactor theory, and nuclear watchstanding and casualty procedures. By the end of the third stage, they have moved from a classroom setting to onsite learning environments. The third stage is where Shaner is currently stationed.

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