Ultimate Callout Challenge Day 2

May 2016 Cummins, Duramax, News, PowerStroke, Feature Trevor Mason

Day 2 of the Ultimate Callout Challenge has come and gone, and we have a new leader in the standings! The drag race portion of the competition was a lot more fast-paced than the dyno from day 1 (by design, of course). Competitors were allowed to run as many times as they wanted in the four-hour timeframe. One driver ran a whopping 12 times over the course of the event. In the end, though, Lavon Miller from Firepunk Diesel had the fastest time of the day in the quarter mile, with an astounding 8.503 seconds. His lightning-fast time helped him secure first place overall, with a current score of 1698.962. Day 1's dyno winner, Shawn Baca, fell to 5th place overall, with a run of 11.23 seconds. The rest of the top 5 for day 2:

  • Midget Diesel - 9.37 seconds
  • Justin Hyatt, Husker Diesel Performance - 9.458 seconds
  • Derek Rose, DNR Customs - 9.464 seconds
  • "Idaho" Rob Coddens, Adrenaline Truck Performance - 9.492 seconds

As we head into day 3, it looks like Lavon Miller has a pretty sizeable advantage. We'll have to see if anyone can catch up to him! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more live videos, and if you missed any coverage, check out the archive over there to get caught up!

Walking through the pits!

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