Make A Name For Yourself

Zach Scoles’ 2004 Ford 6.0L is a modern marvel

April 2016 Trevor Mason

When you’ re applying for a new job, one of the first things you do is put together a resume. You want your prospective employer to see what you’  re good at and what you’ ve accomplished in your life. But what do you do if that employer isn’  t a single person, but rather the community you live and work in? What would you put together as your real-life, tangible “  resume”  ? If you’  re Zach Scoles, you build a diesel truck so nice, clean, and badass that nobody can ignore it, and the accolades will come rolling in.  Hailing from Bluffton, Ohio, Zach has had the dream of starting his own diesel shop for some time now, and he figured the best way to get it done was to build an awesome truck and have that serve as a representative example of what he could do.

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