ATS Dyno Day And Gauntlet Challenge A Success

March 2016 News Trevor Mason Web Exclusive

ATS Diesel recently wrapped up their Annual Dyno competition and Gauntlet challenge in Fort Collins, Colo. 118 trucks showed up to test their luck on the dyno, but unfortunately the dyno ran into some trouble on the 115th truck, so three unlucky souls had to go home without the chance to show their worth. One of those drivers came all the way from Tulsa, Oklahoma

On the inside of the show was the Gauntlet challenge itself, which featured nine competitors from around the country. The winner, Shawn Baca, posted 1994.3 horsepower and 3140.1 ft/lbs of torque, walking away easily with the title, along with a cool $4,500 and a slick trophy to boot. Custom Auto could have come close, but unfortunately, their engine kind of blew up on the dyno, so they couldn’t finish. It’s too bad, since according to Ryan Gelinas from ATS, “It was close to 1400 ft/lbs and they hadn’t even gotten into the nitrous yet. We’re thinking that before it let go, that truck had every bit of 1600-1700hp or maybe even more.” 

Other features of the show included the Diesel Brothers with three of their vehicles, like the US Diesel Duramax and Hell Camino, as well as exhibition dynos and lots payuouts and trophies for those that showed up. All in all, ATS declared the event a success. Ryan said, “It went off really well. We sold out of food and we had like 2,000 hot dogs and hamburgers for sale. We’re estimating well over 1,000 came through the event, since we had over 100 trucks dynoed that day.” 

Check out the ATS Facebook page for more info from the event.

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